Craft Drill

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Craft Drill let you uncover hidden riches as you wield a powerful drill, extracting coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. Upgrade your drill and switch between attachments like wooden and stone shovels, iron pickaxes, and diamond pickaxes for optimized resource extraction.


  • Drill Upgrades: Evolve your drilling capabilities, from basic to unstoppable.
  • Resource Extraction: Mine coal, iron, gold, and diamonds for wealth and opulence.
  • Economic Strategy: Manage resources to build and expand your mining empire.
  • Casual Gaming: Enjoy simple controls and engaging gameplay.

Instruction to Craft Drill Game:

Start the game and follow the instruction as introduced within the game. Then, complete challenging levels, improve your drill, and become the ultimate mining tycoon. Finally, tackle intricate challenges as you delve deeper into the earth.

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Craft Drill