Core in Fusion

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About Core in Fusion

It is a real time team action game where you can choose any role you want and compete with others players and show them how good you are in tactic, game skills, strategy, reaction.


  • Game will start with two teams on both sides, each team will have 5 players.
  • You will have in control a glowing sphere.
  • The idea is to win 3 rounds.
  • On every round you will receive some attribution points to distribute on your sphere, also you need to pick any 4 skills you want to.
  • Each round you will have some minimal attribution points that you can distribute. On the first round it will be 20 points, on the second 40, and so on.
  • In current version You can only play with bots, soon we will add networking.


  • Glow effect of your sphere will depend on attributes you choose more.
  • Sphere itself will have some base stats like (HP, move speed, rotation speed, resistance again specific attribute and so on) and every attribute point will increase something (or decrease).
  • Attributes points will have effect on skills.
    1. Visually - change color and particles effects. (not all the skills)
    2. Mathematically - add radius, damage, heal points, projectile speed, etc.
    3. Bonus effects - for example burn effects, push effects, freeze, etc. (not all the skills)
  • Every round you can decide what role you want to play, because you can pick skills every round. Imagine on the first round you will play aggressive with skills that deals a lot of damage, but your defense and escape skills will be weak, on the next round you can heal your team and be super tank, but you almost won't deal any damage, or maybe you want to take some skills to stun enemies and not to give them chance even to make any damage and be super annoying to your opponents. EVERYTHING you decide.
  • There will be voice chat to coordinate team work in next releases.

This is only alpha version. If you have any suggestions or questions You can ask in comments or drop an email to:

Core in Fusion