Closed Beta – Raiders Quest

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Raiders Quest by Alkemis Games is looking for beta-testers!
We are looking for 1,000 Raiders to join us in our quest as a beta-tester. Bounties worth over $10 and a rare 4-Star hero will be given as a reward when we complete our beta period and release officially.

  • Keep the realm of Sartosa safe by fighting the Void with 50+ heroes from 6 powerful elements; with more heroes joining in the fray every few weeks.
  • Collect epic loot and legendary gears to advance your heroes across 100s of treacherous dungeons waiting to be explored.
  • Daily giveaways ensure that you will always have the resources to keep playing.
  • Participate in exciting special events and quests with special drop items.
  • Compete against other Raiders in the Arena and be the strongest Raider in the realm.
  • Join together with other players to form the ultimate Guild and battle your rivals to be the number 1 Raiders Guild in all of Sartosa.

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