Challenge Your Friends With These Great Games

Challenge Your Friends With These Great Games

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There are loads of different ways to maintain a connection and build a lasting bond with friends. From being there in hard times to supporting them to pursue their life dreams. But the most fun of all has to be playing games!

Bringing out your inner child and delving into a game with your closest pals can bring out the best in everyone.

From laughing hysterically as the events unfold. To boost up pals with a pep-talk to help them win, or going into full-on competitive mode and seeing a unique side to each other’s personas.

Ultimately, games are the best way to have the best fun with best friends.

So, whether you’re stuck on what games to play—or looking for something different from your usual go-to pastimes, here’s a combination of games to choose from to suit all.

Fantasy Football

Why not test out yours and your friend’s football knowledge by joining or creating a DraftKings Fantasy Football league for you and your pals? NFL football is one of the most popular sports in America, so this game is highly likely to appeal to most readers.

The game requires each player to take the position as a football manager or coach (whichever players prefer). And use their football knowledge and budget to create a roster that will win a fantasy football league.

Players’ scores are dependent on how well each football player in real life performs throughout the NFL season. Therefore, researching and keeping up with football events and goings-on is essential for friends to maintain a winning team.

Moreover, there are numerous NFL fantasy leagues players can enter, ranging from a week to the whole season. Alternatively, a group of buddies can break off from the main league games and create their own.

This is the closest gamers can get to the actual role as a football manager. Plus, whoever wins, gets a reward – cash! As such, it’s a popular game for groups of friends to participate in.

Never Have I Ever

This is the ultimate drinking game for boozy buddies who are familiar with oversharing and getting wasted.

The game’s depth is determined by how well the players know each other and what questions each person asks.

All players need is a group of friends and a drink of choice.

To begin, all players sit in a circle. The first person says, for example, ‘never have I ever… cheated in a relationship’.

Each player has to recollect whether it’s something they have or haven’t done. Then, if they have, they need to take a sip of their drink.

But if no one picks up a cup to drink, the player who made the statement must drink instead. This means friends who are making their statements need to think strategically about what they are claiming. Otherwise, they could get very drunk very quickly.

Additional rules include if only one person takes a drink in the game, they must divulge the details of what they have done to the group!

Never Have I Ever is an exciting game that allows everyone to get to know each other a lot more than they already do.


Wanting to keep in touch with friends who are far away? Downloading and playing the house party app is one way to do just that. As it gives friends the means to spend time with the people they care about.

Up to 8 friends can connect on the social networking video chat app at once.

To play games, members can select the dice icon at the top right of the screen. Numerous exciting games to choose from include Trivia, Houseparty Heads up! Chips and Guac.

Once you’ve selected a game, add friends to join in and play. Once they connect, the games will begin!

House party is free for players to download from the Apple and Google Play store.

Maze King

Another device-based game, which gives friends the freedom to connect wherever in the world they may be is Maze King.

This is an ideal game for players who want to prove how incredibly fast their brain works in solving problems.

As the name suggests, friends need to work through a maze against their friendly opponent to collect flashing globes.

But, before you begin inviting friends to play. Click on the stage mode to get to grips with the play first. Once you’re adept, click multiplayer mode and bring in your friendly rival to compete.


Last but not least, is any real gaming guide for friends complete without a classic board game? We think not.

For the chance for you and your friends to tap into your inner detective, consider playing a game of clue.

During the game, players work through a murder mystery to find the culprit, the weapon used, and the room where the murder occurred.

With the roll of the dice, players move through passages and rooms in a mansion to hunt for clues to narrow down the suspects.

Wannabe crime solvers of all ages can play. But, the board game is required. Clue is available to purchase from most stores in person and online.

A break away from life’s ongoing responsibilities is essential. As is strengthening friendships with your buddies. And what better way to do that than by joining a group of friends and playing some of the best games out there.

From sports-orientated games such as fantasy football to brain teasers like maze king. There are games to suit all friendship groups. It’s just a case of trying out different ones and seeing what sparks the most joy for you all.