Cats and Soup Game – Cute Cat Game

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Cats and Soup game is a peaceful animal forest where cats boil their delicious soup! An idle relaxing cat game perfect for cat moms and dads =✪ ᆺ ✪=

1. Cat Raising Game in Cartoon Illustration

  • There has never been a cat game like this one!
  • Each cat’s features are so distinct in cartoonish illustration, including Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair and more!
  • Meet the cats in the fairytale-like forest ( >ω<)♡

2. Interact With the Cute Cats in Cats and Soup

  • Dress cats with various costumes like hats, accessories, and clothes.
  • Take photos of your cute animals.
  • You can receive hearts by feeding them fishes caught from the mini-game♥
  • Name your own cats just the way you like as well!

3. Relaxing ASMR Sound and BGM

  • Relieve your stress listening to the chilling sounds♬
  • Prepare the ingredients and zoom into the cooking cats!
  • All the sounds from the animal restaurant can be heard♬ Swish swish♬ Blurp Blurp♬
  • Set the BGM to the playlist you want.

4. Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon

  • Cats cook and collect resources once you go idle!
  • Play while you’re eating, riding the bus, or working~!
  • Obtain new recipes and facilities from collected resources.
  • It’s a perfect game for tycoon game and animal restaurant game lovers!

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Cats and Soup Game – Cute Cat Game