Car Games Help Driving In Real Life

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Video games and computer games often do not have the best reputation, especially among parents whose children play them for a long time. In fact, video games are very useful. With their help you can relax, get visual pleasure and learn something, for example, driving. Of course, they will not replace practice, but they will help in some ways: for example, to learn traffic rules and etiquette on the roads.

The skills acquired in driving-related video games can also be useful when renting a car. This is especially true when contacting a rental company abroad. When travelling to a new country with busy traffic, for example to the Emirates, it would be good to have a rough idea of what roads there are and how traffic is organised. Modern games are made so realistic that you can virtually drive through the streets of Dubai and roughly understand what it looks like there before renting a real car. In addition, there are many sports cars in games that are designed like real ones and can help you decide which model to choose. Thus, if you prefer Ferrari, then you can contact the Ferrari Rental company and not waste time searching.

Is Driving In Virtual Games A Realistic Experience?

All interactive entertainment on consoles and PCs varies in degree of realism. Some convey real-life activities in the most simplified way possible. Others try to strike a balance between believability and fun. Still others simulate various processes down to the smallest detail. Accordingly, the influence exerted on a person varies.

Simple games, for which two gamepad buttons are enough, will not teach anything real. They will probably entertain the user, perhaps sharpen their attention a little. But they won’t teach you how to drive a car at all. More realistic entertainment can already tell you a little about the behaviour of cars. For example, how a car will slide on a wet road. Or how replacing different parts affects the driver’s sensations. However, you will not learn or practise the specific skill of steering and squeezing the clutch through virtual games.

Only meticulous simulation games can provide at least some real skills. Those for which it is advisable to buy a controller in the form of a car steering wheel with pedals. They are deliberately designed to accurately convey the driving sensation.

Almost Practise And Easier Driver’s Licence Obtaining

Let us immediately note that games are not used as a simulator that helps you learn to drive a real car. However, if you have never touched a steering wheel before, but are planning to pass your licence in the future, then thanks to games such as Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa, F1, you can gain at least basic car driving skills.

Racing simulators really help improve your driving skills, especially nowadays. Modern games in this genre have become so advanced that using a steering wheel controller and a set of pedals you can even feel real tension while turning or braking. Everything is like in real life. Yes, you will be convinced of this if, after ten hours of playing these games, you go to a driving school. It is recommended to play these projects to those who are soon going to take their driving test and already know the theory well. It’s unlikely that everyone has the opportunity to borrow a real car for training, and the above simulators are no worse. Well, if you think that all this is nonsense and a racing car simulator is unable to improve your driving skills, then just use the Internet and read the stories of fans of such games. Many of them actually passed their licences with their help and began to feel much more comfortable on the real road.


As you can see, games are not only about entertainment. They are able to develop real skills and can teach a lot even about car driving. The main thing is to know when to stop and clearly understand how to use the experience that the game provides you in real life.