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Breaking Gates is the ultimate action beat 'em up RPG game with fun story and epic bosses

Press, Reviews and Achievements

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October, 2019 – Best Mobile Game in SBGames 2019
August, 2019 – Game XP 2019 Indie Game Participant

Game info

Release Date: 24 January 2018 (Android Open Beta)
Platform: Android

Breaking Gates is an 2D action RPG game that combines the elements of exploration and classic beat ’em up action.


  • 2 Game modes: Story and Survival modes (more coming soon)
  • Unique in-battle character swap with up to 3 characters to swap per game
  • Fight against mini and epic bosses
  • RPG system that allows full customization of your characters
  • Sharp dynamic and lively animations
  • Devastating super moves
  • Achievements
  • … and more to be announced!

Please note that the game is still under development. The current build only contains 2 main quests. We are working to add more and more content in the near future. The purpose of this open beta release is to gain valuable feedbacks from players so that we can further improve our game.


1. This is a sample version that is still undergoing final testing before the official release and may contain crashes and errors.

2. The ideal requirement to play Breaking Gates, is on a device with 1.5 GB of RAM or higher. If your device does not meet the requirements, performance or failure issues may occur.

3. A minimum of 200 MB of free storage space is required on your device so that the installation can take place properly.

4. Internet connection is required to play. Give preference to a wi-fi connection, mobile data charges may apply.

5. There are additional downloads needed after downloading the game.

6. Game’s progress is saved locally. Uninstalling the game will reset your progress.

7. The game currently saves only when players enter the camp or after dying.

8. The game is available in English and Portuguese in Brazil (Language settings can be changed within the game).

Gameplay Video By Youtubers

Gameplay Video – Battle Demo

Announcement Trailer

Developer Interview by GameLab (Portuegese)

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