Break Pass – Endless Breakout

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Arcade Promoted Collection Unity

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Break Pass - Endless Breakout by Wonderkid Development is a whole new adventure of Breakout game!

Current version: 1.1

If you want to play different kind of breakout you have come the right place. Whether you're new to brick breakers, or you loved Arkanoid, or maybe lost your heart to Breakout, this game is perfect for You.


  • New Breakout Mechanics
  • Endless-run Type Arcade
  • Funny and Addicting Gameplay
  • Easy to play, Difficult to Master
  • Unique Power-ups
  • Stunning Retro Graphics
  • Customizable Paddle and Ball
  • Highscore Leaderboards
  • Free and No In-App Purchases
  • No Annoying Ads

How to Play:
  • Break bricks to clear your paddle's way.
  • Bounce the ball off the paddle and pass through the way of bricks.
  • Collect power-ups and get stronger.
  • Don't let your paddle touch the bricks.
  • Try to go as far as you can
  • Have Fun!

Breakout is one of my favorite arcade game since I was young. So, I am excited to have the chance to review Break Pass - Endless Breakout.

The main mechanic of this game is that you will need to destroy the bricks that are coming down so that it doesn't hit your paddle. The bricks will keep coming down as you scramble to destroy them before it is closing in on you.

The core mechanic is fun, however there are a few flaws in the game that I would like to be improved: *latest update to v1.1 fix these issues
  • Acquiring Power Ups and their effects should be clearer and more obvious
  • If you just so happen to be very unlucky like me where the ball bounce 180 degree with the side of the paddle, there is nothing else you can do but wait until you hit the oncoming bricks
  • Collision/hit detection can be improved. The bouncing angle does not seem to be correct at times

Overall, Break Pass - Endless Breakout has its potential. However, it requires some polishing and variety before it can make a splash in the google play store.

Break Pass – Endless Breakout