Bounce n Bang

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Bounce n Bang by SK Games is a physics based puzzle game to aim a cannon in an attempt to destroy enemy castles.


Help villagers getting back their occupied land and people.

Using cannon, shoot your enemy or bounce cannon-ball through walls guiding it towards their building.Rotate cannon , place moving walls at suitable points, making the best angle ; just so when you open fire , ball hits the target.

Each stage is a bit challenging to refresh your mind . Excellent brain exercise for the lovers of physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics.

Not too difficult nor too easy its a fun brain game that every age player can enjoy.


First of all, SK Games is also the developer behind Kidz Math.

Now, let's talk about Bounce n Bang. The game stays true with its description as a physics based puzzle game. However, my initial impression upon playing 10 stages of this game is that I feel like I am performing a trick shot in billiards or pool. The Cannonball is your cue ball. The cannon is your stick to proper your cue ball. The castle is, then, the hole that you have to hit in any ways possible.

The game gets a bit more challenging in the later levels with an addition to bricks that you have to position to help you reach the castle.

Overall, Bounce n Bang is, again, a watered down version of snooker with a few things that can be improved. One such instance would be a clearer goal in the stage to reach a complete 3 stars. As for others, we will reach out to the developers personally.

Bounce n Bang

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