Billion Marble

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Billion Marble is a monopoly-inspired board game playing with three dices. Roll a dice and purchase the land you arrived and monopolize!

Every turn holds a chance. With each roll of the dice, you'll travel a set number of spaces. Your fate at each stop is decided by a card - will you be constructing a cosy cottage, or perhaps, inaugurating a mega-corporation? Navigate wisely, for the objective of 'Billion Marble' is not just to play, but to construct an empire of unmatched grandeur.

However, as you progress, opportunities multiply. With every level ascended, the world of 'Billion Marble' unveils new horizons. From businesses to skyscrapers, where you invest will mould your legacy.

Instruction to Play Billion Marble:

If you are familiar with Monopoly, the board game, you should be ready to face the challenge in this game.

Presented in a visually captivating online format, 'Billion Marble' brings forth a unique gaming experience. As you begin, a vibrant map unfurls before you, marking the potential pathways to affluence. Your avatar, along with those of your competitors, eagerly waits at the starting line. Finally, are you ready to dash through a world of opportunities.

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Billion Marble