Betting Guide for Dota 2 Beginners

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Considering the competitive nature of video games, Dota 2 is represented by top eSports betting resources. So, if you decide to take part in Dota 2 betting as a competitive player or as a punter, you will need to bet on the outcome of the matches. Whatever side you support, you will surely get the same rush but with an opportunity to gain lucrative payouts.

Similar to other forms of sports betting, Dota 2 gambling has its own range of “betting lingo” and types of bets to place. If you’re a newcomer to Dota 2 betting, you will need to develop your skills and gain certain knowledge. Check out the guide to know more.

Keep Track of Dota 2 Tournaments and Popular Events

The popularity of Dota 2 betting is supported by various tournaments hosted by different groups. In these events, the best eSports players compete for taking home record rewards. While most eSports actions occur in these tournaments, sportsbooks aim to cover them to enable betting on eSports matches. The International happens to be the major lucrative eSports tournament with the prize pool of $30 million. What’s interesting about this Dota 2 event is that the reward has been hugely crowd-funded.

Make One or Several Popular Bets

Your success on Dota 2 bet site depends on efficient bets. There are particular industry bets that you should be aware of.

  • Moneyline: You bet your money on the team that will score the most points or win the match.
  • Over/under betting: While over/under propositions are estimated by decimals and end with 0.5. If you bet under 2.5, you will possibly receive a payout if the score of the match is 2 or below. If you bet on a score over 2.5, you will possibly receive a payout if the score is at least 3 points.
  • Kills advantage: You bet on the potential advantage of one team over the other. Betting on the leading team means that it will only win by four kills or more.
  • Total or team kills: here you focus on the total kills that a team can reach by the end of a match. If you bet on over 51.5 Total kills, you can receive a payout if the total amount of kills for both teams is estimated at 52 or above.

Learn about eSports betting odds

Similar to other betting markets, eSports betting resources are based on odds. These are displayed in various formats. The odds are often published along with a particular outcome. For example, you have a Team A with odds of 1.50 to win and Team B with 3.00 odds to win. Odds can help you predict a potential winner and payout, depending on the published odds.

Determine a bankroll

When it comes to responsible betting, it needs to be based on a well-managed budget. For example, you can set a budget of $200 that you can bet on eSports results. Once this sum of money is used up, it’s time to pause and leave the sportsbook.

Take advantage of sportsbook bonuses

You can also rely on sportsbook promotions to take your betting experience to the next level. Some of the most popular eSports rewards are new customer and reload bonuses and free bets. With free bets, you can support a Dota 2 team without risking your bankroll.

Rely on a well-reputed sportsbook

Generally, your success on Dota 2 depends on your sportsbook. When you proceed with Dota 2 betting, you should consider the most reputable sportsbooks that provide a fun combination of security, comprehensive coverage of games and tournaments, and attractive promotions. A reliable sportsbook will help you to choose the most competitive eSports odds. By using the best odds, you will get insights and tips on potentially correct forecasts. Highly-competitive eSports odds make it possible for you to collect bigger payouts on winning predictions.