Better Payouts Guarantee Greater Winnings

Better Payouts Guarantee Greater Winnings

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If you are looking for strategies for playing bingo or lotteries online, you will surely find them. Take bingo (lotto): someone recommends buying more cards to increase the chances of winning. Someone on the contrary, advises to take fewer cards so that the winnings are greater. Some recommend taking only a few cards, but choose those in which there are as many different numbers as possible. Someone selects cards with a certain arrangement of numbers (square, diagonal, etc.). So there are plenty of variants to start your game with success.

It comes even worse with strategies for playing the bingo game – you will find a lot of recommendations from simple to complex and “mathematically sound”. There are free strategies you can learn through the web, but there are also some people selling “winning strategies” in bingo and even books are written and published with headlines such as “How to win a MILLION in bingo” (a million is given in capitals, such a cheap enticement). We don’t say all of these books are of no benefit. If they are making money for their authors that’s luck. But not for you, unfortunately.

Most strategies for playing in the bingo-type lottery are based on an analysis of the results of previous draws. The balls of the previous stages are taken and the frequency of the loss is considered. There are basically two further options – bet on those numbers that fall out more often or bet on those numbers that fall out less often. And both have their merits. In the first case, the player hopes that they will continue to drop more often (well, this is such a skew), in the second case, the player hopes that the frequency of the drop should normalize, and rare numbers will start to fall out more often. There are many other strategies that are much more “well-aimed” and “scientific”, there are programs that make your choice “by strategy”, although some do not believe in science and try to use dowsing, fortune telling or astrology to guess winning numbers. Alas, so far no success examples are visible.

Well, now it’s time to discover the secret – WINNING STRATEGIES GAMES IN LOTTERIES OR BINGO DOES NOT EXIST! Moreover, no strategy can change the expectation of the game. Your chances of winning will not change in any way, whether you will randomly take bingo cards or fill out lottery tickets or will you use any strategy. Lotto balls have no memory, in each game they drop out strictly randomly, and trying to predict their appearance is an empty lesson. Therefore, we urge you not to waste time searching and exploring strategies. Moreover, you should not spend money on their acquisition. If you are keen of playing and the hope of winning warms you up – play, but remember that taking a jackpot is a matter of luck.

But in fact, there is one opportunity to really increase the chances of winning. This opportunity is to play games with a higher payout percentage. The percentage of payments is determined simply – this is the ratio of the prize money paid to the funds raised. So try out any of best payout bingo sites to acquire the better prize.

We repeat once again, we do not know the percentage of payments in bingo (we do not know the number of tickets sold). In principle, playing a lot in one bingo-hall or on the website you can determine the percentage of payments in practice. Just divide the winnings by the spent and get an estimate, however, in order to get closer to the truth, you need to play a lot. There is another option for determining the percentage of payments, and you can manage to find out the percentage of payments in one bingo room in this way. You must be the only player, then you will know exactly both the costs and the prize pool. For example, if you bought three tickets for 50 cents. Then you won one prize, and it can be a surprise but you win the second. To calculate what actually is the payout is easy – a total is of $1.05. Total payments are – $1.05 / $1.50 = 70%. In general, if possible, find out the percentage of payments, play where it is more, and good luck!