Best Ways to Get Familiar with Online Gambling World

Best Ways to Get Familiar with Online Gambling World

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The world of online gaming has been intriguing gamers from all over the world for longer than a decade. New casino MiFinity, Visa, and even crypto transactions have become everyday events. Online casino companies have been not only popping up like mushrooms after rain but also noting a significant increase in the number of customers year after year. David C. Hodgins and Rhys Stevens did research published in Current Opinion in Psychiatry, noting how the recent pandemic and numerous lockdowns increased the number of online gamers.

Still, just because this leisure activity is popular, doesn’t mean one should join the trend recklessly. No one knows it better than Gilfred Helmonsen (read his bio here), a Norwegian online gaming expert, and mastermind behind one of the most popular review sites.

“The main reason why online casinos are so popular is the abundance of games. You can literally access thousands and thousands of games with just a few clicks. Compared to traditional venues that have 100 slot machines tops, we are talking about spectacular numbers. And even though these sites all look the same, they definitely aren’t”, he warns. To help us understand the best ways to start online gaming, he shared a few useful tips with us.

Read Casino Reviews

Specialized websites should be the starting point of your gaming journey. They do all the leg work for you and research all the most important aspects of popular casino brands: games, bonuses, customer support, legality, and even customer support.

However, Helmonsen warns not all of them are created equal: “Just like with online casinos, they might look the same but aren’t. I suggest you find sites that provide a truly balanced overview and mention both the strong sides and flaws of certain brands. If they are praising every single brand, it is probably just a money-grab and not a trustworthy site.”

In his opinion, every such site should have a transparent and established rating system, and cover all the most critical aspects of doing business with a certain casino.

Demo Mode

Once you have settled on a brand, our specialist recommends you try the demo mode first. Demo mode is a special gaming platform that allows you to explore games without any real risk. You won’t be using your own money, but virtual coins provided by the company. Of course, this also means you can’t win any real money, but there is still a point to this type of gaming.

“It allows you to test both the games and the platform. You’ll be able to check whether the platform is lagging, or maybe you don’t even like the games available, so you won’t waste your time and money on subpar service”, recommends Gilfred.


Finally, Helmonsen is pretty determined any serious gamers should also get familiar with the regulatory system in their country, and worldwide. In his experience, not all regulators are equally diligent, and the best bet is your local regulatory authority, as that way you can be sure you are playing with a company that is 100% legal and operates according to laws in your country of residence.

“An alternative to it are brands regulated by hotshots like UKGC and MGA. These guys are true watchdogs and have a very hands-on approach when it comes to the prosecution of unfair companies. However, try to stay away from Curaçao licenses. This tropical island has a master-license system, meaning there is zero to no legal interference to how companies do their business”, warns the expert and invites everyone to try to keep their gaming on the safe side.