Best Social Gambling Games of the Past Decade

Best Social Gambling Games of the Past Decade

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As soon as the social media platforms become readily available for the everyday user, the floodgates opened and along came social gambling games. An astonishing 1.6 billion users visit Facebook alone daily, so you won’t be surprised to hear that online social gambling style games receive around 11 million daily visits. This amounts to a total of approximately 4 billion users per year, and this is about two and a half times the amount of people who gamble with actual money.

However, those figures are just total users and not people who’ve wagered real money. That being said, traditional gambling generates a colossal £100+ billion every year.

On the other hand, Social Gambling is still in its ‘growth period’, but still generates estimates of around £4 billion, which still accounts for approximately 4% of the total market. This means that social gambling isn’t something to be missed, and it’s a pretty big deal for the gambling world. It’s growing that much that some of the more massive poker and casino companies want to buy into space.

What is Social Gambling

For those of you that don’t know what this is, you’ll quickly understand that many people have their understanding of the gambling type. However, social gambling means playing types of casino games through social networks like Myspace and Facebook (just to name a couple). The games are generally played through your browser, via plugins such as Flash or HTML5 or even from mobile apps on your mobile devices and tablets.

If you’re a first-time social gambler, here are some simple tips to get started. We have used a well-established and trusted example is Wink Slots;

  • Log into Facebook
  • Type “Wink Slots” into the search bar
  • Click onto the icon and load up the app by tapping on “play game.”
  • Choose what type of game you wish to play, and you’re off!

Each game they host offers something completely different, and they even have handy categories like ‘most popular slots. It’s safe to say that trying out online slots on Wink Slots won’t disappoint!

What Makes these Games Social?

The first noticeable thing to mention is the fact they’re hosted on large social networks. Most games include some form of social interaction, and in this case, they have the following;

  • Playing and communicating with other players
  • Posting different awards and achievements for your friends and followers to see
  • Inviting others on your friend’s list to join you


This almost creates a domino effect, can quickly build a self-sustaining and perpetuating player base for the game itself. Of course, the game has to have a built reputation for being ‘Good’ and has to remain reliable throughout its entirety.

This is the complete opposite of regular gambling website, where they need to rely on welcome bonuses and affiliate marketing techniques to draw in their audience. These social gaming companies use different methods/strategies to draw in their audience and create recurring gameplay. They often mirror the more traditional video games, even on the basis that they have a much shorter playtime.

These social gaming providers throw continuous goals at the player base, making each one harder than the other. These are often earned by playing and completing individual-specific other method is creating gaming capital. This comes in a variety of different forms, like trophies, accolades and achievements and also badges.

What are The Most Popular Social Gambling Games?

These are often the most popular games for the reason of being the most trusted and fun to play. This list outlines the most popular choices;

  1. Blitz Bingo
  2. Texas Holdem Poker
  3. CityVille
  4. FarmVille
  5. Slotomania
  6. Farm Town
  7. Mafia Wars
  8. Mob Wars

The developers of these most popular games are as follows;

  1. Rock You
  2. Plinga
  3. Bigpoint Games
  4. Wooga
  5. Kabam
  6. Goodgame Studios
  7. Gameforge
  8. Zynga

Another question that’s often asked surrounding this subject is who’s the biggest and most famous developer, and what are the most popular casino games you can play?

In completely random order, this is the list;

High 5 Casino – These allow the user to play on over 170 different slot machines. They also have a massive following of 1 million followers and 13 million unique users.

Big Fish Casino – This company offered a wide variety of games. You can play anything from Blackjack and Roulette to Craps and Slots. They offer a very generous 100,000 bonus chips for free, bonus games, jackpots, free daily games and free spins. Their follow game is still impressive, with over 750,000 followers and over 100,000 unique users.

Zynga – These are very well known throughout and boast a massive following. With over 66 million likes and 5 million concurrent players, it’s hard to argue with credibility. Their games are Wizard of Oz Slots, Hit it Rich!, Zynga Poker and Zynga Poker Classic.


It’s safe to say that this sector of gambling is massive, even in its infancy. It’s believed that social gambling games will reach new peaks, and revenue will grow substantially.