Best Slingo Games to Play

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Slingo Starburst

What do you get when you combine two of the best games in the world? Slingo Starburst of course! What an excitement this game gives us and millions of other players. Visit and select Slingo Starburst. Once you start the game, you will receive 10 spins. Spin the Starburst reel and gather numbers or wilds to mark off numbers on the Slingo grid. You can even win extra spins or choose your numbers. Every time you have a slingo, you go up the ladder which guarantees you a win with the Starburst symbol. After your 10 spins, you can collect or go for a hopefully bigger win. With Slingo you have the chance to buy extra spins, and go higher on the ladder to receive an ultimate win with Starburst Wilds. Once you collect, you will see the Starburst reel which gives you a guaranteed win.

Slingo Centurion

Put on your Roman armour and play Slingo Centurion. Going to Rome in this epic game brings you fortune, fun and excitement. Slingo is a combination of slots and bingo and this game takes you back to Roman times. Choose your bet size wisely as you will receive 10 spins for it, but every additional spin can cost considerably higher. In between the first 10 spins, the centurion can appear and treat you with a free spin, match 3 numbers or 2 jokers. The goal is to have a full house, which means 12 lines and Wild Power Spins. Even Road to Rome can earn you a potentially high win. We understand why so many players love this game. Try it out and we are sure you will want to reach the top bonus. But don’t get carried away. If you are off on a bad start, it may be better to start a new game instead of buying more additional spins.

Slingo Baking Bonanza

Who doesn’t love a cake or a pie? Start baking with Slingo Baking Bonanza and get all your ingredients for your delicious sweets. In this slingo game you only have 5 lines to fill and you will win the mentioned prize accordingly. This prize depends completely on your bet size and the cakes you chose. A honey & mint cake is easier to make than a rare golden champagne truffle, which means the winnings are a huge difference. Once you are ready to bake, press the spin button. You will receive 5 spins to gather all the ingredients. Once these 5 spins are done, you can either collect or purchase additional spins. Each extra spin gives you an extra shot to get the missing ingredient. Start playing Slingo Baking Bonanza and will enjoy double the excitement of a normal slot game.

Slingo Extremely Scary

This game offers a lot more than the traditional slingo games and has some unique rules to play and win. Slingo Extremely scary is very similar to Slingo Extreme but frightens a bit more. Your winnings depend completely on your bet size and the amount of Slingos you gather. On your way to success, you will get help from jokers, super jokers, a free spin or coins but beware of the devils. Coins will award you an instant cash prize. Jokers will mark off any number of the column or grid, while devils will block matches in the grid. Once you pick your bet size, you can see how much you can earn with every slingo you make. The top price is 500 times your bet size. You have 11 spins to start with and you can buy up to 8 extra spins to reach your desired goal. Assess your game and decide if the extra spin is worth it. We like these odds and it feels like we are more connected than with other games.

Secret Agent Slingo

There is a new release on the market of the popular slingo games and what a nice addition it is: Secret Agent Slingo! Ever dreamt of being James Bond and going on a mission? Now you get the chance of filling up the grid by marking off the numbers. The goal is to receive as many slingos as possible with your first 12 spins and buy extra spins to get higher up the ladder. From 4 full lines you will receive a multiplier that goes up to 20 times the value of all other prizes.In your aid to success you have joker and super joker which allows you to cross off a number of the column or grid, except if a villain is blocking it. With a free spin, you win an extra shot without paying for it. You have extra opportunities to buy spins to reach a higher multiplier and win or collect at any time.