Best Phone Controller For Your Android Device in 2020

Best Phone Controller For Your Android Device in 2020

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When you are playing complex mobile games, you need a phone controller to enjoy the games to the fullest. Thankfully, there are tons of phone controllers out there that can be connected to your android devices. In this blog, we are reviewing some of the best phone controllers for android devices in 2020 –

1. Beboncool Controller

Beboncool is a compact controller with a straightforward design. The button, as well as stick layout, is similar to what you see on the Xbox controller. It comes with a solid build, making it one of the best controllers in an affordable range.

All twelve buttons on the controller are quiet and responsive, and the analog stick moves efficiently. However, the triggers do not come with pressure sensitiveness. The only issue that we found in these controllers is the D-pad, which is rather stiff, but there is no issue with responsiveness.

2. GameSir G3s

The overall design of the GameSir G3S is inspired by the DualShock 4. While the heavy design makes the controller comfortable, it hampers the portability. It features 14 normal buttons and one auxiliary button.

Considering the low price, the device is well-designed and impressively responsive. You will also come across a removable clip that supports phones featuring diagonals up to 6-inches. Moreover, the controllers boast a 600 mAh battery, which is quite massive for a controller.

According to the users, it gives the controller 15 hours of life. On the whole, it is a strong and reliable phone controller. And, the only issue that we found is that it is not convenient to move around with.

3. DELAM Controller

This controller is integrated with a 4000 mAh power bank to facilitate charging on the go. So you no longer have to worry about losing power amidst your battle.

Additionally, it also features a cooling fan, maintaining an ideal operating temperature, irrespective of the intensity of the game. DELAM also offers a four-finger ergo group accompanied by trigger buttons.

A drawback of this controller is that it renders wired connectivity. This impacts the convenience and portability of the device.

4. Moga Hero Power

This phone controller is designed by PowerA and one of the best devices in this category. The ergonomic design comes with injected rubber grips, offering a comfortable and strong grip.

Additionally, you can select between wired and Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to have a comfortable gaming experience when you are at home and on the go. It is operated by a 3,000 mAh power bank so that you do not get interrupted between your gaming sessions.

5. 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

It is one of the most popular controllers that is inspired by the SNES controller. It features shoulder buttons along with two joysticks. It is a versatile kit that features Bluetooth.

This allows you to connect the controller with a variety of devices; instead of merely in Android smartphones. However, it is smaller and not that ergonomic in comparison to modern controllers.

There you have it, some of the best phone controllers for your android devices that offer enhanced gaming capabilities.