Best Crypto Gaming Projects of the Year

Best Crypto Gaming Projects of the Year

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What can be better than having lots of money? Yes, earning money by playing games. There are various engaging “play and earn” projects on the net. Chainbroker offers users to find out about interesting and engaging gaming projects and top funds like ZBS Capital. The page of each project tells users detailed information about the gaming project. Read our article to be updated about the best gaming projects.

Drunk Robots offers you to pay attention to the Drunk Robots game project based on the blockchain. You can get METAL tokens by playing the games. You can use the METAL tokens in:

  • races with prizes
  • rarity farming
  • trade in the domestic market
  • game character customization
  • unlocking advanced gaming features

The environment of the game is designed in the cyberpunk style. Users can live in Los Machines as a robot in the Drunk Robots crypto game. Robots are NFTs, which were firstly sailed in 2021. The robots are sailed in containers. Since August 2021, containers have been sold on the site, and in December 2021, a limited sale took place on the Binance NFT platform. The packs had 3 levels of rarity, depending on which you could get: one, three, or six robots, as well as a rare weapon and a farming installation. There were released 10,101 genesis robots in total.

They were divided into 6 types, differing in characteristics, abilities, appearance, and weapons according to the degree of rarity. The sale on Binance NFT was successful, placing Drunk Robots in the top 3 collections on Binance.

Robot owners can try to play in different game modes, including F2P (top-down shooter) mini-games. By playing with drunk robots you can get new equipment and sell it on the secondary market.

The game also has PvP battles and a bunch of other modes. Direct farming of the METAL token starts on April 7th. It can be obtained by completing in-game tasks and winning battles.

Shark Race

Shark race club is a platform that offers users NFT and 3D games. The platform is built on the BSC blockchain. Shark race offers users SharkCoin tokens. You can use tokens for various actions on the platform, as well as buy things with them on the market and earn real money.

The NFT collection attracts the attention of many users because it was created by famous artists who collaborated on the creation of content for Disney. In total, the collection consists of 20,000 NFT sharks. You will become a member of SharkRace as soon as you buy an NFT.

You can play the shark race game where you can win unique NFT prizes after becoming a member of the platform. The principle of the game is similar to a regular online game where you can get skill boosters and prizes. You will be able to earn money just by playing the game with high-quality design. Users can also participate in group tournaments and win prizes.

Mecha Morphing

Chainbroker also offers users to pay attention to Mecha Morphing. The game environment is created in the style of science fiction cyberpunk. The plot revolves around the fact that an international war has started in the technological world due to the looting of resources. The participants play the role of mechanical heroes and save the world. Playing the futuristic game you will be able to earn $MMC and $MAPE. You can upgrade your character’s weapons, armor, and land, and invest in NFTs.

Final Words

You will be able to find not only funds like ZBS Capital but also interesting gaming projects on the Chainbroker crypto platform. The platform provides users with background information about each project. You will be able to find out the year of the foundation of the project, and the total amount raised. That is why you should follow the Chainbroker crypto platform right now.