Before the Heist: Path of Exile Crafting Walkthrough

Before the Heist: Path of Exile Crafting Walkthrough

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Demystifying the Fine Art of Crafting

Contrary to what the name suggests, you don’t craft endgame items from scratch in Path of Exile. Instead, you take the gear that you already have and subsequently alter their modifiers in all sorts of ways for them to be exactly what you need. To help you understand what POE Currency and PoE items you should be modifying, here are a few essential tips.

It’s Not Elementary, My Dear

There are three tiers of crafting according to how customized the end result will be. The first one, aptly called Basic Crafting Technique, is simply the upgrading of an item’s rarity.

  • Orb of Transmutation to turn a Normal item into a Magic one
  • Orb of Alchemy to turn a Normal item into a Rare one
  • Orb of Chance to turn a Normal item into a Magic, Rare, and even PoE Unique one

Despite this being the easiest of crafting methods, it’s not recommended that you start or stop at this level. Unless it’s a good, six-linked and six-socketed normal item, more experienced players prefer working on Magic instead of Normal items to craft upgrade into Rare or alter the mods of.

As for the Orb of Chance, it’s very rare for you to get Rare PoE items, and most especially, PoE Unique ones. Unless you have a lot and you don’t mind losing out on the value you could’ve gotten in selling this POE currency instead, then use away! Hopefully, you get yourself a PoE Unique gear that you need.

Making RNG that Work For You

Now, we move on to Advanced Crafting Techniques. The focus of this one is trying to minimize RNG and get at least two of the modifiers that you want and need. This is usually kicked off by using an Orb of Transmutation, and then Alteration onto the PoE item in question. Repeat the latter until you got the two modifiers necessary for you. Once you’re satisfied, use a Regal Orb. If not, then use the Orb of Scouring and repeat the process over and over again until you are.

If there’s still space for mods on your PoE item, use the Exalted Orbs. To be on the safe side, use an Eternal Orb on an item before using Exalted Orbs. This way, you can restore it to the configuration you want in case it’s not to your liking.

Lastly, if the modifiers are to your liking but their values aren’t, then you should go with a Divine or Blessed Orb.

Mods Masterclass and Beyond

The last for the main crafting techniques is Master Crafting. Through this, you can give your gear one specific modifier. This mod will be one of a kind per item. That means using an Exalted Orb on a master-crafted gear will not grant you another modifier that is similar to the one you got through Master Crafting.

For more experienced crafters, they can inversely apply that principle: players put a mastercraft a mod they don’t like onto an item, and then use Exalted Orbs on it. This prevents you from getting the mods you don’t like. Later on, once the mods you want are already in the item, you can then remove the master-crafted mod.

Another application of this is the use of meta-modifiers, which affect how other mods behave when a PoE orb that’s meant to alter them is used. For this one, you’ll use them to prevent the non-meta affixes from being modified. Crafters use this by having a meta-modifier that prevents prefixes or suffixes from being modified once they got the ones they need, remove the other mods, and then work on until new ones.

Finally, here are other kinds of crafting:

  • Corrupting – The use of a Vaal Orb in order to improve an item (both gear and skill gem), but at the chance of losing some of its properties, after corruption, an item can no longer be modified.
  • Vials – Introduced in Incursion, they are used to improve specific PoE Unique items.
  • Fossils and Resonators – Introduced in Delve, the former are meta-modifiers that affect which mods can be rolled into a PoE item using PoE Orbs, while the latter are what allow fossils to be bound onto an item.
  • Seeds – introduced in Harvest, they provide all sorts of more specific mods compared to POE orbs.

Crafting is definitely not an easy endeavor to pick up, but if you want to be the strongest you can be, you have to learn it. Reading about it is one thing, but it’s best practiced by, well, actually crafting and earning PoE currency in the process.

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