Battle Heroes 3

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After long and fierce wars in the lands of the kingdoms and the surrounding territories, peace has finally come. You can no longer hear the ringing of swords and the roar of magic spells, but it turned out it was just a lull before the next storm. And again, in Battle Heroes 3, a new threat appeared on the outskirts of the kingdom...

The hero acts as a mercenary, who is sent to the borders of the kingdom. Use military and magic skills, explore the fantasy world and upgrade towers. Warriors, towers, aura, magic and weapons will help to contain the waves of enemies attacking border estates.


  • Defend the kingdom, hold back the waves of enemies.
  • Three fractions (Order, Dead, Chaos).
  • Unlimited development of the hero and warriors.
  • Crafting items, features and skills.
  • Develop magic, aura, study at weapons skill schools.
  • Defend the city, attack caravans and free the captured cities.
  • Old School Fantasy - RPG
  • Compete with other players, challenge up to 4 heroes to the tournament.
  • Raise the faction rating and chat with other players.
  • Defend the kingdom, hold back the waves of enemies.
  • Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers.

Instruction to Play Battle Heroes 3:

The game can be played both in single-player fantasy RPG, and compete with other players. Control with mouse or on-screen joystick.

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Battle Heroes 3