Ban of Sports Betting Ads in Australian Online Gambling

Ban of Sports Betting Ads in Australian Online Gambling

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Australia’s gambling helped global corporate bookies gain billions of dollars in market value, determining a new crackdown on sports betting advertising. But before the inconveniences popped up, the industry experienced rapid growth. Just think for a second, Flutter Entertainment has managed to earn almost $30 billion in 2020. Entain, a global bookie, gained $8 billion during the same period. Fair go casino Australia login Australia can also be added to the Aussie Online Casino list of lucky brands which enjoyed the benefits of the pandemic.

Peter Jackson, the chief executive of Flutter, says that the company is constantly increasing its market share from 43% to 46%. The local customer base was expanded by more than 675,000 new members. And this is the case for many online casinos and bookies who know the business well and who can recognize the potential in the surrounding events.

Although it may sound good for gambling sites, it’s disturbing for the society. Many players are vulnerable to gambling activities. It’s easy for them to lose control over their actions. In the end, the casino brand or bookie is the only party taking the benefits.

To bring the balance to the gambling market back, additional marketing campaigns and promotions are to be stopped or heavily limited. Tim Costello, the chief advocate of the Alliance for Gambling Reform, announced a strong public initiative to end sports betting advertising to protect Australians. He says that sports betting has become the fastest-growing form of gambling in Australia. In fact, it has doubled since 2015. And this is where gambling addiction has started to become a national problem.

At Online Casino Aussie, Aussie mobile casinos Android, iPhone, and iPad versions made the whole situation even worse. Eventually, players became even more dependent on online gambling as they could play games and make bets whenever and wherever they feel like it.

Last year, the Australian Taxation Office stated that the given trend is of a temporary nature. In other words, the situation will go back to normal after the pandemic. Is it really the case? You can only guess as the COVID-based restrictive measures remain valid. So, it’s hard to say when the whole situation will be fully normalized. Consequently, the online gambling industry will keep getting new blood for a while.

The online gambling industry argues that Australian-licensed online betting brands are now contributing more than $1 billion in taxes. This is usually done through state point-of-consumption taxes, before the corporate and payroll taxes are levied. The figures have increased significantly over the last year as wagers moved to online platforms with the closure of traditional retail bookies.

Brent Jackson, the chief executive of Responsible Wagering Australia, said that the ban on advertising didn’t need to take a serious policy position. It could hardly have a drastic impact on gamblers. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to blame ads for gambling addiction and other related problems. Although the casino marketing needs to be under control, it can’t be viewed as the only source of problems.

While sports betting is becoming more and more popular, the problem of gambling rates keeps sliding down. Wagering advertising complaints are incredibly low right now by comprising only 0.31% of all advertising content. The evidence demonstrates clearly that Australia’s wagering companies have already done the right thing. So, the problem of excessive advertising doesn’t seem to be the real case.