Bad Donut

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Bad Donut by MattdwGames is an interesting combination of fiction and reality. Gloomy atmosphere, dark alleys, gang clashes and dynamic music will take you to the middle of not so sweet Baker City conflict.

Have you ever wondered how sugar being life looks like?

First contact with Bad Donut argues that is not so colorful as you think. This single-cooperative action game kept in noir style, surely surprise you. Bad Donut is an interesting combination of fiction and reality, which is the work of one independent developer. Gloomy atmosphere, dark alleys, gang clashes, dynamic music. Game will take you in the middle of not so sweet Baker City conflict.

Game Features

  • Bad Donut is a Single & Coop action game with upgrades and achievements.
  • You bake Donuts, enemy bake Ponchkis. As teams baking they gain resources of themselfs to fight with opponent. Also time is the enemy for the player. You have to constantly collect clocks to keep the game running.
  • So its not just a shooter. The game happens on one map right know.

Cute and gloomy are my first impression of Bad Donut game. The black and white art-style brings the game into the kind of mood that is comparable to when everything is dark and grey during the day because of thick rain clouds hovering over your head.

But that doesn't stop the game from being fun. It is all too cute to find yourself as a donut trying to gather all ingredients to bake more donuts to work together with you against the army of 'O's.

You can wield weapons like spatula, handgun and even machine gun to defeat the 'O's army. Don't let them bake more friends to fight for them... I can't believe I just said that, but it is how the game is!

One thing that I want to highlight is that, in the web version, I feel that the hit detection is not as accurate. There are times when the spatula hit the enemy but it doesn't incur damage.

Overall, despite the possible hit-detection bug/annoyance, I can't help but enjoy Bad Donut. I would have to recommend Bad Donut to gamers out there.

Bad Donut