AXUO Gameplay Breakdown

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After playing Axuo for a few hours, I feel compeled to share some information that I gather during my gameplay. There is an in-game tutorial, however that is not enough to explain the key element of the game; the blocks! So, here is PlayPlayFun Axuo Gameplay Breakdown.

The core gameplay of Axuo is to find your way to the allocated target by taking and making blocks to carve your way. There are 4 types of blocks:

Normal Block

Free to take and make as long as they are available. Will disappear after you step away from it.

Metal Block

Can’t be taken or made. Destroy using spike block to receive a normal block.

Spike Block

Free to take. Can only be used to destroy metal and metal spike blocks.

Metal Spike Block

Can’t be taken or made. Destroy using spike block. Unlike Metal block, destroying metal spike block will not generate anything.

These blocks are the key to the game. Understanding how each block interact with each other is a must in order to complete levels, especially in the higher levels.
It is also important to note that whatever blocks you have left in the previous level, will carry over to the next. So it is best to stock up before finishing any level or you might find yourself stuck in a level without any blocks.
That’s about it. Now, go and play Axuo with confident!
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