Aviator: Game Review

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In 2019, Aviator was released, a multiplayer betting game that takes you on a journey that’s quite unlike what you may have grown used to in a typical casino environment. That, combined with its low barrier to entry, has made it into a hit that gambling enthusiasts still enjoy to this very day.

Aviator – a game of greed?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Aviator is the amount of precise interactivity you’ll need get a hold of to come out a winner. You see, the game is all about observing the plane as it takes off and timing your bets in a consecutive manner.

No single game takes the same amount of time to complete and it’s on you to make the call when the best timing to collect your winnings presents itself. Be too swift, and you won’t get enough. Wait too long and succumb to greed, and you’ll lose it all if the plane takes off before you’ve had a chance to collect what you’ve earned.

The social betting aspect

What fun would betting be if not for the opportunity to interact with other players, right? With this in mind, Aviator allows you to see who’s currently in the game and participate in the discussion through the built-in live chat. Want to wager for free? Then keep your eyes peeled on free betting opportunities that surface in the chat on occasion. To top it off, the chat also displays the betting history, so you’ll get a chance to study other people’s betting patterns and strategies.

The opportunity to socialize one of the most alluring elements of gambling.
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Unpredictable returns

Aviator is one of the most unpredictable casino games out there due to the sheer possible range of outcomes. The lowest possible multiplier is 1.00x and the highest theoretical one is 1,000,000.00x. Get your timing right, and you could be sitting on millions!

Provably fair

In essence, provably fair an algorithm that checks whether the casino in question engages in any unfair practices such as skewing the odds in any way. Not every game title (or casino) earns it, but for those who do, it’s a clear indicator of trust and one of the things that gamblers pay close attention to. Think of it as a seal of trust – bearing such a seal means that what you experience in the game is truly random in the purest sense of the word.

Aviarace tournaments

For those who can’t say no to additional cash and prizes, Aviarace tournaments are a no-brainer. In a nutshell, these are tournaments that everyone is free to join and if you’re lucky enough, they grant the player bonus points that yield lucrative rewards at the end of a race. Think in terms of free bets, money, and other cool perks.

A user-friendly approach

Don’t know where to begin? Aviator is characterized by simple controls without too many bells and whistles to figure out. Besides, an average round takes about 10 seconds or so, thus making the game easy to pick up. But in case there’s still something you’re not too sure about, it also features a video tutorial that takes you through the minutiae of it all. Just click on the big yellow ‘how to play’ button and you’ll be taken straight to the tutorial section.

Low to medium volatility

Aviator is very generous in regards to its returns. Its Percentage Return to Player or RTP is a super high level of 97%, which is more than what can be said for some of the other popular titles. In casual terms, this means that – on average – you’ll get $97 back for every $100 wagered. Bear in mind these are the averages; it could very well be that you end up quadrupling your bet on the very first try.


Want to make some money on the side while meeting cool new people along the way? Aviator is the place to do it. With its incredible action paced gameplay and indisputable interactivity, it’s an innovative concept that challenges the conventional approach to online gambling.