Free Auto Clicker Download for RuneScape

Free Auto Clicker Download for RuneScape

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An auto clicker for RuneScape? You must be very desperate to earn experience points to upgrade your skills quickly.

Don’t worry. We got your back.

RuneScape was created and published by Jagex in 2001. Even after 21 years, it has more than 200 million accounts around the world. It has created a world record for being the longest and most updated free MMORPG.

Most of the gameplay depends on mouse clicks. You can take advantage of an auto clicker to make RuneScape more exciting. Let’s see how you can use it.

Runescape in a Nutshell

RuneScape is an MMO role-playing game that is full of virtual fantasies. In this game, you can travel through various cities and kingdoms via boats, ships, and on foot. You can explore many missions and side quests throughout the game while interacting with multiple players. You don’t have to follow a specific storyline particularly. Your character can make his own decisions and do missions in it.

The system will ask you to customize your character when you first start the game. After that, you can train your character to teach him a basic skill with the help of in-game instructions. Then you can access instructors that will help you explore the open world. The instructions will depend on the skills that you have selected before.

Since there isn’t a storyline to follow, you can decide your own objectives and goals. You can start a quest while interacting with NPCs. You can also participate in side quests where you can interact with other online players. You can add them to your friend list and chat with them. You can also trade items and weapons with them.

In this game, there are 28 skills, of which 17 are used directly in the game, where 11 skills allow you to take part in battles alongside other online players. You can earn experience points using different skills. Once you have sufficient experience points, you can upgrade your character’s level and skills.

If you’re playing this game on a PC, you have to do most of the tasks using only the left click of your mouse. Sometimes, you have to press it endlessly in order to win a fight or end a long conversation with an NPC. Here, auto clickers came into the clutch. You can use this software to automate mouse clicks and move forward in the game as quickly as possible. Let’s see how you can do it.

How to Play Runescape with an Auto Clicker?

First of all, you have to find an auto that is compatible with the game. Not every auto clicker you find on the internet can comply with the game. Only a few like, GS Auto Clicker, and Speed Auto Clicker will work in the game. Actually, they are made specifically for gaming purposes.

IO Auto Clicker is one of the most recommended auto clickers by the RuneScape gamers. You can easily find and download it on any browser. Let’s see how you can use it in the game.

Step 1. After downloading IO Auto Clicker, open the exe file from the Downloads. Once the window appears on the screen, you can carry on to the customization.

Step 2. The first thing you need to do is set up the click interval for the game. It decides the speed of the automated clicks. You can set it according to the action. For fighting or conversations, you can set it in milliseconds.

Step 3. Set the Left Mouse button as your primary clicking button with the Single click-type option.

Step 4. Set the click repeat to Repeat Until Stopped, which will give you unlimited clicks. (You won’t need a particular number of clicks, so don’t set repeated clicks manually)

Step 5. In RuneScape, there isn’t a fixed location for mouse clicks. It is a random process. That’s why you must go with the Current Location as your cursor position. It will allow the auto clicker to click on the current cursor position. All you have to do is move the cursor to the target for better execution.

Step 6. Customize the hotkey from settings. Make sure the hotkey you chose wasn’t assigned for any other actions in the game.

Step 7. Now, it’s time to start the game after minimizing the auto clicker’s window. The auto clicker is assigned to automate the left mouse button. You can press the hotkey whenever you need it, and the software will start imitating the left mouse button within the game. Once you are done, you can stop the automation by pressing the hotkey again.

Note. While playing the PvP Worlds, do not increase the speed of the auto clicker. Opponents often realize the presence of auto clickers if you instantly destroy their worlds within a few seconds. Make sure to set the click interval between 90 to 120 milliseconds, so you get only 15-16 CPS, and your clicks will look legit.


So, that’s how you can play RuneScape with an auto clicker. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or have been playing the game for a long time; the auto clicker will always help you advance in the game in the fastest way possible. You can use this software to shoot the monsters by just pressing the hotkey.

RuneScape does not have as many high-end graphics as other PC games, but it still has some pretty interesting in-game features that still get gamers’ attention. And an auto clicker makes it more engaging as it gives you many advantages inside the game.


Q1: How does an auto clicker help you in RuneScape?
Ans: You can easily set an auto clicker to imitate the mouse button that you use in the game so that you can avoid clicking the mouse over and over again.

Q2: Can I get banned for using the auto clicker in RuneScape?
Ans: If you’re not careful with the customization of the auto clicker, you might get a ban for using auto clickers. Make sure to set click delays in a way, so you don’t get caught.