Review – Artisan Going Home Again

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Artisan: Going Home Again is a point and click adventure game with RPG and Simulation flavors which make up a mixture of addictive and engaging gameplay. Developed by Unseen Kingdom Studios, it displays a beautiful manga-style artwork that is pleasing to the eyes.

The story
You are a heroine name Ellie. Ellie is losing her childhood home. Your job is to help Ellie save her home by pursuing the only career that she is good at; Art!

Beside the artwork, Artisan also shines in gameplay area. It is simple and easy to learn. In fact, tutorial is not required to fully figure out how to play the game. In the game you are to simulate the daily life of an artist. You have these options to do the following in a day:

  • Create your own craft work via mini game to sell and earn money
  • Train and level up your skills
  • Do freelance job to earn money
  • Visits library, museum or the park
  • Create your own masterpiece

This game is solid. I wanted to test and play the game for half an hour for a quick impression. However, I find the game to be difficult to put down and continue on to play for another hour! Thanks a lot Unseen Kingdom! But, seriously, I do enjoy playing the game and I would highly recommend point & click adventure fans as well as RPG/Sims game fans to try at least the demo! Artisan: Going Home Again has something to offer for everybody.
Demo vs Full Version
Unseen Kingdom Studios: In the demo, you can play until you earn $10,000 or until you reach a certain part of any of the friend character’s storyline.
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