What game 1win casino will bring a really big win?

In what 1win casino game can you win a huge amount of money?

Reel Rush is a slot machine with five reels and five rows of symbols. The focus of the Reel Rush online video slot is sweets and colorful candies. The video slot features special symbols, free spins and other features.

The slot was released on July 25, 2013 by Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment, commonly known as NetEnt, is a premium software provider for many online casinos and is well known around the world.

Reel Rush was inspired by the popular online game Candy Crush, and now the Reel Rush slot machine is gaining popularity among players in different areas of gambling. Reel Rush is the slot with the best odds of winning among new slot machines. There are many casinos that offer free Reel Rush or real money games.

Reel Rush and the big winnings

The betting range can be from one to ten coins. The coin denomination is set by the player and can be from 1 to 20 cents. Thus, the maximum bet per spin is 100 euros.

Normal paylines do not. Payable combinations are formed from three, four or five of the same symbol in a row, starting from the first reel.

The main distinguishing feature of the slot machine is that at the beginning of each round not all positions are activated on the screen. The first reel has only the middle symbol, the second and fourth reels have three symbols, and the third reel has 5 symbols. Thus, they are arranged in a rhombus shape, and combinations can be formed only from the picture on the active position of the first reel.

If during the initial spin a combination is formed, the player is entitled to another spin, which will be automatically performed by the game engine. On the first reel will also appear two more active positions (on the second and third line). If another combination is formed, another spin is triggered with two additional positions on the fifth reel. After that the second and fourth reels will be fully activated. Obviously, as the number of active positions on the screen increases, the number of possible winning combinations also increases. In the first round there can be 45 winning combinations, then 135, 405, 675, 1125 and 1875 in subsequent rounds.

If a combination is formed during the fifth spin, the next round will trigger eight free spins, during which all five reels will be fully active. The number of possible combinations will be increased to 3.125! Players cannot win additional free spins. The theoretical return to the player of the Reel Rush video slot is 97% (quite a high figure).