How to choose a reliable online tennis betting operator from the many options available

Betting on tennis tournaments is very popular and second only to betting on football and hockey. From season to season, there are serious matches between the best players in Grand Slam tournaments, Davis Cup, Challengers, and even in various exhibition games. You can bet online on each of these tournaments. But which operator is the best one to choose for placing a bet on tennis?

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Criteria for choosing a bookmaker for tennis betting

Is generally accepted to allocate the following basic criteria for selecting a bookmaker for betting on tennis:

  1. Legality - having an official license. It is a certainty that you do not invest your money in a crook.
  2. Financial limits on bets and payouts. Everyone should clearly understand and be sure that the bookmaker's financial limits will allow you to use certain betting strategies.
  3. The market of events in the world of tennis and the variability in betting on the match, allowing the bookmaker's customer to engage one of the proven tennis betting strategies.
  4. The last parameter can be considered as a must. When betting on events in the world of tennis, it is problematic to aim to win over the distance, but playing on proven strategies and tactics by professional players works great.

Proven strategies for modern tennis betting

Let us draw attention to the fact that no matter how hyped was a tactic to bet on sporting events in general (and tennis in particular), 100% win-win tactic in betting is not and can not be. That's because sport is a human fight, so the human factor (accidental bruise, stress, tiredness, elementary bad luck) can start to work anytime, therefore any bet can fail.

Nevertheless, there are at least two working tactics that have a minimal degree of risk. They have been tried and tested by successful bettors, so they can be called reliable tennis betting tactics. Each of them is described in general terms below.

Game Bets

A strategy based on elementary overtaking (the size of each subsequent bet depends on the result achieved by previous bets), but still with its own specifics. Find two tennis players of a similar level, so that the probability of winning your serve (your game) for at least one of the players was about 1.6-1.7. The home service factor plays an important role in tennis, even a hopeless underdog can win a few games on its serve, and clear favourites. Betting only on the games of one athlete. If the bet wins, we bet the initial amount on the player's next game. In case of failure, for the next game we increase the bet amount by 2.5 times. The chance of the player losing 3 of his serves in a row is very small. This game strategy is most often used in the first sets of games up to 2 wins. Note that it is not recommended to bet on a tennis player who is offered from 1.71 to win a set.

Betting on favourites that lose the 1st set

The strategy is based on the search for pre-match pairs "favorite/underdog", in which the odds of winning the favorite are set around 1.35-1.55 - these are quotations with a high share of winnings of the athlete. Evaluating the first set - with a relatively equal game, the opponent of the declared favourite wins. This situation often occurs in tennis tournaments, when the favourite learns the fundamentals of his opponent's game in the 1st set. When the score is 0-1 in a set, the odds of him winning increase to 1.8-2.0. Betting on him to win the tournament. In case the favourite is still defeated in this pair, double the bet next time on a similar pair of players. It should rarely be done in 5 steps to reach a successful result - most often a winning bet is made on the 2nd or 3rd try.


So, you need to choose a betting service provider that suits your chosen tactic for betting on events in the world of sports:

  1. When betting on games strategy, such options should be presented in the bookmaker's live mode;
  2. When playing favorites, any operator that allows you to bet during the match will do.
  3. And betting, always keeping in mind the key rule of rational gambling - under no circumstances bet more than you planned to spend on this pastime in a given period of time.