German license for online gaming machines granted for the first time

A new era is dawning in the gaming industry. The first licensee, Mernov Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, has been waiting for almost a year for permission to be granted by the Ministry. So long should in approximately the Website of the gambling offerer already ready for the rush of German gambling fans. According to media reports, it became known that the first candidates for the granting of the license should have already been determined in March. However, it now took two months until it was clear which company from the sector it was.

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What is the white list?

Theoretically, however, all companies on the so-called white list were eligible to receive the first German online gaming machine license. The website explains that this list names organizers and brokers of games of chance that have a permit or concession under the State Treaty on Games of Chance. With this list, unauthorized gambling providers can be identified at short notice so that appropriate measures can be taken. By the way, to get access to the numerical portfolio, you need to ab4 casino registration.

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Which providers can be found on the white list?

Among other things, the publication of the white list is intended to make it easier for players, hosting and financial service providers, advertising and other contractual partners of gambling providers to make a selection. Thus, in the category of virtual slot games, since May 5, Mernov has been the only provider of slot date. The categories of online poker and online casino games are also still to be filled. The sports betting providers include well-known names such as Tipico, NetXBetting Limited, Interwetten Gaming Limited and bwin Deutschland.