Amazing Online Games in 2019

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Amazing online games in 2019

Video games have come along way. From the 1970s simple arcade titles to the current challenging, ambitious and complex video games, one can only hope for even more complex ones going forward. Most people are gamers, and whether you play games to make money on UK online casinos, or you are just playing other online games to enjoy and pass the time, gaming has several benefits. There are even some casinos who offers free spins without deposit or darmowe spiny bez depozytu.

Some of the benefits of playing online games include being good at what you are. A study suggests that playing games, whether online or on your PC can enable one to become a better surgeon. The study of laparoscopic or small incision revealed that people who play games for up to three hours a week made 32% fewer errors when doing practical procedures. Also, gaming enables one to overcome dyslexia. Dyslexics improve a gamer’s reading comprehension due to sessions of a game heavy on action. It is because games provide constantly changing environment which requires intense focus.

Do you know that gaming could also improve your vision? Well, most people think it harms your capability to see due to the many hours one spends glued to the screen. In the past, parents could caution not to sit too close to the screen without having sufficient scientific fact to support their argument. However, it has been discovered that playing games in moderation could improve your vision. In fact, in a study, 10 weeks of play was associated with great ability to discern between various shades of grey. There is also another study whereby participants were asked to only play games using their lazy eye with good eye obscured. The players with the lazy eye recorded significant and normalised improvement in the affected eye.

All these and more are the benefits of playing games. Today you can play games online instead of downloading and purchasing, cartridges from time to time. In case you are wondering what the best online games to play in 2019 are, then here is a detailed list of what you should search and play online including playing casino games on sites listed on

Best Online Games to Play in 2019

1. Daymare Town Series

Daymare Town series is a grand collection of mystery puzzle games that were created by Mateusz Skutnik. The collection features extremely creepy music and artwork which is slanted towards a bizarre kind of horror. In this game, you are supposed to escape the town where you are trapped in. In the end, you will realise that this game is much fun and addictive.

2. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman

You will find out that Karoshi Suicide Salaryman is hilarious in its objective. In the game, you play Karoshi who is a disturbed office worker that tries to kill himself through the most innovative ways. You start this game with 50 lives, and in each level, you are supposed to devise innovative ways of killing yourself. The game is free to play online and is so much fascinating as to keep you on your PC for hours.

3. The Eternal Maze

This is a puzzle adventure game that features vibrant pixels art graphics as well as creative puzzles. You are required to find your way out of the Eternal Maze. Again, what is required of you is solving the maze and at the same time avoid the ferocious alien spawns. Run whenever they spot you.

4. The one online drawing game

This is a challenging game whereby you are supposed to connect the dots and draw one touch. It challenges your brain and trains it to solve up to 300 levels with the progressive difficulty. Train and become the first person to solve all the 300 puzzles online.

5. Crush Planning

This is an epic online office game, and one can play it right on your hostile boss’s nose. The game almost resembles the office excel sheet, and you are required to align similar cored boxes. They disappear upon aligning them.

6. The Maze

Almost similar to the aforementioned Eternal Maze, this game is based on the book by Christopher Manson called The Maze. The game is created in a text format where every page donates a door into the maze. The maze opens up to doors on other pages in the book. Therefore, you are required to find your way from the first to the 45th page and back using the shortest time possible. It’s fun playing this game.

7. Type Racer

This is a game ideal for those who’ve been working on their computer for a long time. It is based on typing speed, whereas you are provided with a small passage and asked to type out a word within the shortest time possible. In the meantime, you are racing against other online gamers in typing the word. It is a great game to play.