Amazing Ants

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Below Zero Games HTML5 Promoted Collection Retro Strategy

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Amazing Ants by Below Zero Games is a retro style maze game with over 250 single player mazes and 30 two player mazes.

The object of the game is to move your ant to the finish line. You must avoid the enemy ants which are in the way. You can use your allies to destroy your enemy or use sleath to work your way to the finish line.

The game also has a two player option in which you and a friend can play side by side in a head to head matchup. By killing the enemy Queen Ant you will achieve victory. Another awesome feature of the game is the level editor known as the Maze Maker. So once you are through playing through the game you can go into the editor and create your own mazes.

It is easy to overlook Amazing Ants as being a normal and uninteresting maze game. However, having spent sometime playing the game, Amazing Ants turns out to be something more involving a lot deeper gameplay and strategy.

It is important for new players to check out the tutorial before playing the game as the game has numerous elements that you may not be familiar with. Once you understand the gameplay, the game will become a lot more fun and enjoyable!

From the hours of time that I spent on Amazing Ants, I get a sense that I take the role of a spy in the ant colony whose job is to go behind the enemy lines and sabotage their lair. Lay traps, destroy nest and kill the queens are the tasks that we are all familiar with from many spy movies. These gameplay elements are what makes Amazing Ants appealing. After a while, you can clearly see your ant colony's growing in number and they, too, will start helping you to wreak havoc on the enemy territories.

Overall, Amazing Ants surpasses my expectation. It is not just a normal maze navigating game, but it is a strategy game that requires patience and strategy to win the game. Be sure to check out the 2 player battle to duke it out with your friends! However, the dated graphics, may not win some players over. Maybe an update into a pixel-art graphic would do wonders to the game!

Gameplay detail is available at IndieDB Amazing Ants post.

Full Version features:

  • 225 single player mazes
    • 125 Black Ant Story - The red ants have arrived in your backyard and you must lead the black ants to victory over them. Defend your allies then destroy the enemy.
    • 100 Red Ant Story - A black bear has destroyed your home and you must rebuild a new home. You must raid the black ants to get slaves and then fight off the hill ants who plan to destroy you.
  • 29 two player mazes - 2 players side by side can play against one another on these mazes. You must defeat your enemy by killing their queen ant.
  • 8 mini games mazes - Just some fun mazes with some different options like slug fest and item gathering.
  • Full level editor called Maze Maker - A very nice feature where you can build your own mazes with simple point and click.

Amazing Ants

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