Alien Exterminator

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Arcade Hybriona Promoted Collection Shooting WebGL

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Alien Exterminator by Hybriona Labs is an Infinite Racer where you have to control your AirCraft and shoot as many Aliens Ships as you can, while dodging the obstacles.

DEVELOPER'S DESCRIPTION (based on full app version):
Alien Invaded our Earth in 2200 AD. Exterminators have in their AirFighter to battle against Alien Invasion.

Alien Exterminator Infinite Racer is Infinite AirStrike Racer where you have to control your AirCraft, and shoot as many Aliens Ships as you can, while dodging the obstacles. Extreme Demolition and Alien Destructions!


  • ASWD keys to steer your ship
  • Left Mouse Click to shoot

Alien Exterminator reminds me of a similar game called Jet Overload. However, Alien Exterminator adds another element to the gameplay, which is to shoot down alien's ships.

The graphic style of Alien Exterminator looks quite nice with a black and white feel. The obstacles and oncoming alien ships are easily detected.

However, the gameplay has a few things that are questionable. Here's a list:
  • You can go up high to totally avoid obstacles and alien ships. You will gain distance, though you won't kill any ships
  • When you the ship hits an obstacle, the ship should explode, currently it looks like it goes through the obstacle, despite death
  • Having shadow would make it easier to gauge how high the ship is flying

Overall, Alien Exterminator requires some tweak and improvement to be able to compete with the rest of the pack in the genre. Nevertheless, fans of aerial dogfighting may find Alien Exterminator enjoyable.

Alien Exterminator

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