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Halloween Promoted Collection Puzzle Retro Unity

GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

Afraid by Collective of Crab is survival puzzle game where you need to find the way out before the dark engulfs the light.

Epilepsy warning. Press ESC on the intro movie to turn off Epileptic scene and completely skip the intro

Welcome in the dark. You´ve been expected.

Maybe you are asking what are you doing here or where exactly you are, but answers to these questions are not important. Important is only here and now. And right now, it is time to accept your challenge in order to become what you really are. Overcome your fears or let it be. But if you let it be, don´t expect anything will change.

In the dark, light is your only friend. And light doesn´t lasts forever, so you´ll have to do anything what it takes to keep it shine. It is up to you.

The dark awaits you...


  • WASD or ARROWS - movement
  • SPACE or LMB - action
  • ESC on the intro scene to skip intro movies

The premise and idea of Afraid is similar to that of Night Maze. You are inside a dark room or cave and you need to find a way out before the light runs out.

One fun item to use in Afraid is the dynamite. I love the way the dynamite explodes and shakes the screen. However, the dynamite is also one of the items that can frustrate you. If you push the dynamite on to a wall, you will not be able to pull it back and therefore, you will need to restart the level as you probably can't progress if you can't destroy a wall.

Overall, Afraid is a game that everyone should be able to enjoy. One missing feature that we wish the developer would consider in the future is an on-screen minimap that updates and opens up as you explore.