Acritas Puzzle Quiz Game

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Acritas is a quiz and puzzle game where players are to answer series of questions.

Developer's Description:
Each target has three properties. A color, shape, and number. Only one target has the right property.

  • If the condition is a shape, only one target has a different shape.
  • If the condition is a color, only one target has the color the text spells not the color of the text.
  • If the condition is a number, do the math.

Answer quickly for more points. Race against the clock to find the right target. Each round has a different condition and shorter time.

PlayPlayFun's Impression of Acritas Game:
Lately, I am a sucker for puzzle game with simple graphics and yet addictive gameplay. Steps, NUO and Twenty are a sample of such games that we enjoy a lot.

Today, I am pleased to have a chance to promote and play Acritas. Like the other puzzle games that I mentioned earlier, Acritas uses simple graphics and basic shapes. Players are to answer as many questions as they can.

Acritas will keep your brain active and working by switching the question among 3 categories; number, shapes and color. The more questions answered, the faster the timer will be. The game ends when:
  • Timer runs out
  • Answers wrongly

It's a simple game in concept, but fun! It gets difficult fast! So far, Our best score is 1547. Can you beat our score?

Acritas Puzzle Quiz Game