A New Trend: The Development of Online Casino Apps

A New Trend: The Development of Online Casino Apps

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Are apps really so popular nowadays? According to the experts, over the next five years, mobile gaming revenue will grow by more than 57%, while the market share will exceed 50%. Despite the active growth of the segment, no sharp jumps are expected. Among the verticals of the gambling business, sports betting will remain dominant on mobile platforms, and gambling and lotteries will follow them.

The Main Trends In Mobile Gambling: How To Fight For An Audience

The availability and functionality of mobile platforms attract more and more unique users for gambling projects. Taking into account the high competition in the industry, each operator, for example, online-slots.ie, strives not only to present a convenient mobile website and a multifunctional application but also to introduce advanced technologies. In 2020, to attract the attention of more gamblers, online institutions are using the following trends:


It is an innovative way to guarantee users a high level of transaction security. Modern gamblers pay attention to this parameter and trust more those sites that can offer such technology. In addition to increasing the level of transaction protection, the blockchain provides maximum transparency, since it automatically records all operations carried out in the game. All gamblers’ data in mobile casinos is stored in a distributed registry, which cannot be changed in any way.


It’s an ability to make payments using a digital currency that attracts gamblers who prefer to remain anonymous when adding funds to their casino account. Transactions with cryptocurrency are more reliable since when making a deposit the user does not need to provide personal data. According to the forecasts, in the next five years, blockchain and cryptocurrency will remain the most relevant trends in the gambling industry. At the same time, in the future, large operators may appear that will accept only digital money, and use the blockchain to store data, including the rules and conditions of the site.

Artificial intelligence

Al is a new technology that helps gambling projects to remain competitive in 2020. The use of Al-programs allows you to form individual offers for players. Special smart algorithms are integrated into the site that studies the behavior of users on the site, and based on the collected data, make predictions about the preferences of players and give them appropriate recommendations. In addition, studying the activity of users and predicting the probability of their outflow allows you to choose the right vector in the marketing program. Al-technologies also help automate the process of communicating with players, so market leaders are actively implementing chatbots and improving the feedback system.

Virtual reality

VR is a modern solution that large online casino operators are increasingly paying attention to as a tool for attracting and retaining gamblers. According to research on the behavior of teenagers, VR technologies increase involvement in the gameplay and immerse users in the atmosphere of a real casino. However, at the moment, this solution is only promising, since most mobile gadgets do not support virtual reality technologies. It is expected that in the future, devices will become more functional and affordable. Against this background, VR solutions will be massively used in mobile gambling to solve two tasks – attracting new users and increasing brand awareness of a casino or bookmaker.

Good Quality

Gamblers no longer face the problem of poor video broadcast quality and the small size of the smartphone screen. Despite the progress made, to attract new players, online casino game providers continue to improve their offers, expanding the range of live games and expanding the number of languages in which they are broadcast.

Thus, even when bookmakers suffer from the cancellation of sports competitions, casino sites, on the contrary, achieve traffic growth, due to the development of mobile gambling, which will attract more and more unique users from different regions of the world with the help of using new technologies.