A New Era of Protecting UK Gamblers

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The UK gambling sector is currently experiencing major changes. As the government reviews gambling legislation that has been in effect since 2005, many new regulations are expected to be on the way. There is an emphasis on protecting at-risk gamblers as much as possible. This is because we are living in an age where it has never been easier for you to gamble.

Most people have access to the internet, whether it is through their phone or computer. This presents a lot of challenges that the authorities have to consider. This particular article will be exploring some of the types of changes that the UK authorities have implemented in recent times, as well as other types of organizations that have a mission of protecting problem gamblers as much as possible.

What is the UKGC?

The main authority in the UK that is in charge of regulating the gambling sector is the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). It is tased with all sorts of immense responsibilities. This includes being the body that is in charge of handing out licenses to gambling operators, as well as ensuring that those same operators are constantly adhering to the relevant rules and regulations that are in place.

It is regularly also looking at the latest trends in the online gambling space to ensure that it stays on top of everything. In a rapidly evolving digital age, there always seems to be some sort of new innovation hitting the market that needs consideration from a responsibility point of view.

One of the complaints that people in some circles have when it comes to the UKGC is that it can seemingly err on the side of caution when introducing new rules and restrictions. There is a fine balance to strike between providing sufficient freedom to players and protecting people who remain at risk.

What does GamStop do?

The UKGC has a long list of responsibilities, so it will likely not come as a surprise to learn that it utilizes the help of other groups to fulfill its obligations. One of the most important groups that it works alongside is GamStop. This is a group that does not operate for profit. Instead, it has the goal of protecting problem gamblers by offering a highly effective mass self-exclusion offering.

With just a couple of clicks, a problem gambler will be able to block themselves from all UKGC-licensed gambling sites for months and even years. There is also no reversing of this self-exclusion period once it has been activated. This makes it a highly effective tool for stopping problem gamblers.

Other Problem Gambling Resources

It is not just groups that are involved with the UK’s national gambling regulator directly that will be able to help those individuals who have gambling problems. There are numerous organizations out there that can provide a tremendous amount of help in their own ways. Some of these are not-for-profit groups, while others are companies that are looking to turn a profit through their goods and services.

There are many great charitable organizations and support groups that relate to gambling issues. You have the likes of GamCare, BeGambleAware, and TalkBanStop to name but a few. These are types of groups that can help you figure out if you might have an issue with your gambling.

If it turns out that you need some help with your gambling behaviour, then there are usually extensive support and treatment options available through these organizations. This means that you can get access to experts who have worked with countless problem gamblers over the course of time.

Then there are companies that supply different forms of gambling blocking software. Perhaps the best well-known company in this regard is Gamban. Its software will require people to pay a regular fee, but it can be a very powerful way to block you from accessing all sorts of gambling-related content. You can use it on both your computers and mobile devices, blocking any forms of gambling-related websites.

You also have adblocker companies that will stop you from being able to see pro-gambling messages that are plastered these days all across the internet. It will hopefully help curb any urges that you have when it comes to gambling.

Finally, many of the leading bans in the UK now allow their account holders to put in place a block on all gambling-related transactions. This can be an effective way to stop spending money on this vice.

Onshore vs Casinos Not on GamStop

While the UKGC and the various support groups have been committed to promoting responsible gambling there are always new issues cropping up. According to non-gamstop-casinos.com, a lot of those people who do not like the erosion of their freedom when playing on UKGC-licensed sites have decided to look elsewhere to gamble.

Many of them are now suing non-GamStop casinos. These are platforms that are not licensed by the UKGC. They often have much bigger game libraries, bigger bonuses, and an all-around greater level of freedom. There are pros and cons associated with both of these types of casinos. It comes back to the balance between protecting gamblers and having a greater level of freedom.

H2-6 A very interesting time

It is a very interesting time for the UK gambling sector. With a lot of major changes seemingly on the way, new legislation could shape the future of gambling in the region. There are those who are worried that excessive restrictions will push more people over to non-GamStop casinos.

However, there is still a lot of things to like about where the sector currently lies. There is a lot of support available to people who have gambling issues and they can be protected to a great level when using UKGC-licensed casinos.