A Look At Some Of The Best Online Fun For Geeks

A Look At Some Of The Best Online Fun For Geeks

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The greatest thing about surfing the web is that you’ll never run out of things to do. It is a vortex of endless possibilities and choices. With something for everyone, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and more!

We’ve rounded up some of the lesser-known but still fantastic websites that you may or may not have heard of recently. Just be sure you need to know about the following full list of new sites here;

For the Gaming Geeks

You’ve heard of Steam and Twitch, and you’ve probably stuck to those your whole gaming life, but maybe it’s time you expand your horizons and check out these alternatives, but just as suitable sites for your gaming needs.

VGChartz will provide you with the latest charts on the video game and console sales as well as the most up to date video gaming news.

Perfect for if you’re looking into buying a new console, game, or just interested in what’s trending out there. Niche Gamer is another good site for reviews and news about the latest video games and consoles. These two sites are perfect for if you’re needing to do some research before making that expensive purchase.

GameHouse and Armor Games are two excellent portals for downloading and playing free online games. They will provide you with endless hours of free fun and are bound to have something you’ll enjoy.

For games, news, videos, art and reviews you can trust check out Newgrounds. An Underground site created by users, for users and covers almost every topic that gaming geeks need.

Surfing is Easier with these Sites;

Everyone needs help sometimes and these sites all provide you with the support that you need for whatever task is at hand.

If you miss how things used to be a few years back, checkout OldVersion for all the older software. This site will help you find the version of your software that you are more familiar with if you’re struggling to keep up with the modern-day software or even if you just prefer it.

If you’re more of an arty geek, then try out Block Posters. This site comes with a tool that allows you to design your posters at home.

Perfect for those looking to save a quick buck and who aren’t afraid of piecing the poster together themselves. Recreate the latest Star Wars poster or even put your little spin on it.

If you find you get bored quickly but still like to get your creative juices flowing, AutoDraw is a fun site to fool around on. You simply start drawing an image, and the site will try to guess what you’re trying to draw and draw it for you. A real boredom buster!

Freedcamp is the perfect site for staying organized on group projects at school, work, or just with other geeky friends like yourself. Crete notes, discussions, invoices, and documents through this site. Perfect for any project and will ensure you get the job done right and on time!

Honorable Mentions

The following are just a few stand-out sites that we couldn’t ignore. They just had to be mentioned for the fantastic service they provide.

For all things tech and science as well as some product reviews, The Verge was a site created for just that. Filled with useful information, you’re bound to get some good use out of this site.

Another good site for this would be New Atlas which will also provide you with reviews and news. And if those two weren’t enough, check out BetaNews and Digg. There are plenty of sites out there that will provide you with the techie and science news that you need, but those are our top 4 recommendations.

Yes, gaming and online play including coding are important, but so is your health. That’s why the site Nutritionfacts.org exists. This site is all about the latest nutrition, and it’s all backed by science. None of those dieting fads that promise you the world. Rock-hard evidence that will keep you healthy and happy.

The possibilities are endless in the geeking world. With something for everyone, it’s tough not to get sucked into the vortex that is the World Web. Be careful it’s dangerous out there!