9 Best Jobs in the Video Game Industry

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There are dozens of careers in the fast-growing video game industry that contribute to the production of quality games. From concept development to overseeing the production of triple-A (AAA) titles, there are a number of jobs in the game industry that may be right for you.

The most demanded profiles in the video game sector

1. Professional gamer

They are the center of eSports competitions and one of the great dynamizing elements of the video game industry. Professionals do not need large investments in their early stages, it is enough to participate in a free tournament and enjoy the competition. Of course, there are already training academies dedicated to the gamer world in which, in addition to acquiring skills and training for children and adults, they offer the psychological support that every professional gamer needs. Ask special services to write my essay online to focus entirely on games.

2. Design and development

Changing the subject considerably, but without leaving the video game sector, is the profile of designers and developers of new games. On the design side, the key lies in the script and the creation of the story; while, on the development side, engineers and computer scientists must bring these ideas to life to create a game that will have an impact on the audience. This is one of the most desired professions by gaming fans and one of the most competitive jobs.

3. Tester

Who wouldn’t like to earn money sometimes quite a lot of it by testing and identifying bugs in upcoming video games? This is the task of the game testers, who are in charge of squeezing the most out of the first versions of each title so that, once they are launched on the market, everything is perfect.

4. Executive Producer

This is the professional in charge of supervising the entire project from start to finish. Their responsibilities range from negotiating contracts and budgets to finding out, planning, and controlling the available economic resources, their financing, and everything necessary for the project to go ahead.

5. eSports Marketing Specialist

Companies have created their own ecosystem around eSports, ranging from video games and macro-events to the creation of communities and merchandising. The people in charge of generating all this transmedia narrative are sports marketing professionals. Furthermore, as a marketer, it is also essential to know important video marketing metrics to track.

6. Event organizer

The key to organizing an eSports event is to correctly define the objectives and expectations to make the audience enjoy it. Hundreds of events are held throughout the year and have an incredible reach. To get an idea, in 2018 more than 200 million people watched the League of Legends World Championship final, while that same year, the reach of the Super Bowl was 103 million.

7. Content creator

This is perhaps the most well-known profession related to the world of video games. YouTubers and streamers are dedicated to playing video games and sharing their games on social networks.

This would be the closest thing to being a video game influencer. Their influence is based on their ability to attract users to the app, as well as the interest in the recommendations they make on their profiles and the number of followers. Both streamers and gamers are offering new content that until now was not present on the Internet.

8. eSports analyst

The job of analysts is to give gamers as much information as possible so that they are prepared for their upcoming matches. They teach gamers how their opponent reacts, the tools he usually uses, his weaknesses, and all those details that the player can use as advantages.

9. Commentator

This is a profession that is largely unknown to the general public. There is a growing audience that enjoys watching these shows and even fills stadiums to host these competitions. They must have the ability to turn the most boring match into an unforgettable experience.

Final words

The eSports ecosystem is already one of the industries that will generate the largest number of new professions in the coming years. And like everything else, whether you like video games or playing knucklebones, you will have to work very hard if you want to make a living from it, especially now that the demand for e-sports is growing exponentially. So get ready to be part of the industry.