5 Ways To Upgrade Your Board Game Experience

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Board Game Experience

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Board games are some of the most popular games in the world. Many people play board games when they’re bored or when they’re looking to spend more time with family and friends, among many other reasons. Everyone has their reasons for playing bored games, but, more often than not, people play them because they’re fun.

Some people play board games a little too much. They’ve become almost fluent in the ins and outs of board games, especially people who play board games on their own a lot. In this case, the board game experience may become less exciting and more boring. But, remember that the joy in board games can be channeled in various ways, not just by playing them on your own. You can always have exciting travel friendly board games while on the go. It’s easy to spice up vacation or work travels with board games to sharpen and keep the mind alert. These are some ways to upgrade your board game experience.

1. Upgrade The Components

After buying one from Aurosi or any other store, you may want to change or upgrade some of the pieces from the board game. This is because you may have been using the same kind of pieces for a long while. Once you get bored, it would be hard for you to enjoy the game because the pieces are getting too familiar and generic. In this case, you may want to consider upgrading the components of your board game.

Pawns, chits, tiles, chips, counters, dice, cards, and miniatures are some of the examples of common types of game components. They’re your game board accessories that you can upgrade to enhance your gaming experience. There are many items that you can use to embellish your gaming board.

If your board game comes with moving pieces, you could replace them with various cool treasured pieces from your house. You could use really pretty stones of different shapes, colors, and sizes. You could also use some fancy metal coins. Some people even use old coins to make the board game experience more exciting and, weirdly enough, eerie. Gaming in-style and changing the components of the board could make you enjoy playing board games more!

2. Paint Racks

Painting and designing pieces for your board game could make the whole experience unique and exciting. When you make any board game on your own, this could be somewhat liberating. For one, you may paint racks to upgrade your board game experience. What’s more, painting is also a fun activity on its own!

It’s always fun to customize your boards and a source of inspiration. Board game performance may depend on your skills, but getting inspired to show off your prowess depends on your motivation. Though inspiration sources vary in many ways, painting your way to give your board games an upbeat is one of them. You need your paint racks handy or accessible anytime the inspiration to paint and repaint calls for it. Every time, let the colors flow, let the design grow, and just let your paint racks rock!

3. Get Yourself A Board Game Table

A board game table is most board game players’ dream table. This is a huge upgrade as some of the best board games are best experienced on a board game table. A board game table is designed to facilitate the playing of board games with a group of people. It may consist of dedicated dice bins, speed cloth game surfaces, chit holders, and sunken game vaults. Board game tables usually have built-in places where you can place your cards and your pieces, if the board games have these components.

Some board game tables also have storage units underneath them, therefore, you could keep all your board games and all their pieces in one place. Board game tables could be placed in garages or any open room because they can take up quite a bit of space.

However, if you’re a player who takes their hobby seriously, investing in a table specifically designed or customized for playing board games is something you should think about. Many of these tables come with built-in features that’ll make you feel more at ease and ready to fire it up.

4. Tournaments

Board games could be fun when it’s just you and your older or younger sibling playing, but once you get used to playing against them, you may want a change. Thus, hosting or attending a board game tournament could be a good way to upgrade your board game experience. A tournament could be done online or in-person, depending on the board game you’re playing.

Tournaments typically have preliminary rounds before one can get the chance to join the more important rounds, which could include the quarter finals, semi-finals, or final rounds. During tournaments, people compete against each other up until the final round, where the winner may get a prize or may just receive the title of being the champion of a certain board game.

5. Use An App

Technological advancement is upgrading the industry of board games. And, one of the obvious ways it’s enhancing the experience when playing board games is through mobile applications. Yes, you can download an app to your smartphone or tablet for an improved overall experience!

Most of these applications either play sound effects and background music, provide a timer, or track scores. Others can even help players learn the game and master it through valuable tips and guides.

Some apps are much more integral to the gaming experience than others. For instance, there are apps that provide randomization and replayability by allowing players to input details to the game for a more complex experience. Others keep essential information hidden from players until some crucial moments.

Indeed, some board games are more extensive than you think; you just need to download and utilize their mobile apps.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re playing online board games or physical ones, your board game experience could be becoming repetitive and boring. Perhaps, this is your sign to spice things up! You decide whether you do something small and exchange some of the pieces for more exciting ones, incorporate technology by using a mobile app, or go big and get yourself a board game table.