5 Reasons to Treat Esports More Seriously

5 Reasons to Treat Esports More Seriously

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Many people around the world still refuse perceiving esports as something serious. Here are 5 reasons proving that esports is not just a childish play.

Esports: From Child’s Play to the Serious Career

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Games are important for the early development of a person. But a simple hobby can turn into a life business further. There are five reasons why everyone should treat esports more seriously than they do.

Most people liked playing games when they were children. There is nothing strange: for a child, a game is the way to explore the world around. This is one of the key reasons why many people think games to be childish and those who are fond of games as an adult are frequently perceived as strangers. Why should everyone treat esports more seriously?

1. Money

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The first reason is money. There are oceans of money invested in cyber-sports nowadays. This is not strange: every single year brings at least one game that gains huge popularity. The game gathers its community: tournaments start appearing, teams from different countries gather together to win some big prizes. And the number of people who watch tournament streaming broadcasts on Twitch.tv reaches hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of unique users. Betting is also very popular in esport. For example, Yesportsbet.com provides you everything, to make the right choice ! That’s why, this is a gold mine for investors. Yes, maybe esports events are not equally popular to baseball or soccer sports, but things can change pretty soon.

2. Olympic Potential

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They speak more and more frequently about including esports into the list of Olympic disciplines, And exactly into the list of disciplines for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. Of course, this process won’t be quick: it is very difficult to promote any sports including certain violence levels, but it is impossible to ignore hypes around Dota 2 or Overwatch tournaments. This means it is not possible to deny the importance esports have for people nowadays. Sooner or later, esports will reach Olympic levels with only best teams participating. And this is the second reason to treat esports more seriously.

3. Skills & Training

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Speaking about teams, it is worth noting that people usually have certain delusions about esports players. It seems to them than anyone can become an esports player. Like, what do you need for that? A monitor, a mouse and a keyboard? In reality, things are much more complicated: all esports teams are well-organized, every participant has to pass through the careful selection.

Each team has its coach: a person who has serious in-game experience, knows everything about strengths and weaknesses of the team and can give players their common direction. Each team member has a defined role, a setup: for instance, one player is a good healer, other one is a great tank and the third member can switch from one role to the other quickly, like playing as a damage dealer instead of healing and supporting teammates. Teams spend a lot of time to prepare and practice: sometimes, it takes them more than 12 hours per day to complete training programs.

This all is required to sharpen their skill and teamwork. A skill is the most important thing in esports, but one can’t come to the victory individually, without understanding the game of teammates. That is why only the most talented and hard-working players reach the professional esports level. There are no random lucky guys.

Serious preparation of players and the level of their skill: this is the third reason which is the best to show how complicated esports really are.

4. Law Regulation

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Let’s continue speaking about teams: South Korean teams are among the coolest guys in the world of esports. South Korea is almost the gaming center of the world: they developed the cultural level of country citizen with the help of computer games, so they began paying a lot of attention to esports as the gaming industry grew.

There was so much attention to esports in Korea that there appear quite serious laws: for instance, criminal responsibility levels for cheat-code and game hack users. The further the development of esports will be, the more laws will become accepted in different countries and the quicker esports will be equalized with international sports disciplines. Attention from the government and law regulations: this is the fourth reason to treat esports seriously.

5. Audience

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Finally, the fifth reason: the audience. Numbers are very impressive here. For instance, according to Esports Charts statistics, The International 2018 had been watched by more than 4 million viewers on average. And the peak of interest reached almost 15 million people. Of course, if to compare numbers with those for soccer they don’t seem to be big. But that’s only one game: Dota 2! That’s already impressive. And what if I told you there are many games with even bigger audiences? They support their teams sincerely, cry and enjoy the game together with their players. Do you think these people are all strangers busy with toys?

Nobody knows what will happen in future. Maybe, the popularity of esports will become nothing one day, but the statistics of this universe show only its growth and impressive investments. There will be less and less reasons to refuse treating esports seriously from year to year. So, do not underestimate all those people with fire in their eyes and unbelievable gaming skills. Maybe, one day people will watch the CS:GO world championship like they watch football games nowadays.