5 Reasons iGaming Fans Use Astropay

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iGaming is an absolutely gigantic industry worldwide, worth billions. This lucrative market has seen many new starters and established businesses go head-to-head with marketing campaigns, promotions, bonuses, and the implementation of games. It’s such a crowded market now that personally, I found it very hard to make a choice at first as to which online gambling site I should sign up for and start playing at.

After all, they all seem to be using the same jargon and seem to be offering me the same thing. But that’s when I took the time to do my own research and to find out what some offer that others don’t and that’s where I came across the different payment methods that are available to me as a player. I found there were plenty, but one I kept hearing over and over was Astropay. I kept coming across reviews and reviews of this payment platform and in particular, its close relationship and alignment with the gambling industry. And that then led me to wonder: What exactly is it about this payment platform that the industry likes?

What is it about this payment platform that my fellow users like? And so I did a lot more research and found it ticked a lot of the boxes I was looking for in an easy-to-use and secure payment platform. So today I’m going to run through the top 5 reasons I believe gambling fans like myself use the platform. And it’s also extremely easy, if this sounds good to you, to find a list of Astropay casino sites.

No details are needed.

Nothing bugs me more when I’m playing online and I’m going to make a deposit than having to always enter my details each time. The same goes for when I’m making a withdrawal. Whereas with Astropay, this alleviates this bug-bear for me and other gambling fans. Once you’ve set up your account and linked into your casino account, there are no details needed. Everything is already saved in your wallet, where you can pre-load funds. This means that all it takes is for a code to be sent to my phone and a password and then the funds are instantly deposited.

Keeps my payments secure.

The last thing I would want as an avid iGaming fan is for the speed of putting money into my online account to come at the cost of security. This, thankfully, isn’t the case with Astropay. As well as being able to facilitate lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals for its users, it’s also got enhanced security, meaning that my personal and financial details, as well as my funds, are kept ultra-safe when I’m playing online. It utilises innovations such as advanced encryption technology and other protocols to ensure that everything is kept away from prying eyes.

It’s easy to use

Next up on the list of reasons why it is so popular is how user-friendly it is. The developers of Astropay wanted it to look modern and sleek while at the same time remaining super-easy to use. And this was certainly the case. There are no long forms to fill out to register, and even when you’re loading up your digital wallet, the user experience is very seamless and welcoming. And for me, especially for those of you who don’t like confusing websites or services, it was a nice relief.

No fees to pay

Some of the payment services I’ve used in the past have charged fees, although small fees, to withdraw and deposit. And even a charge to use the service itself. With Astropay, this is not the case at all; when you sign up. In fact there are no fees for the following:-

  • Registration
  • Withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Transfers

No credit score is required

Unlike some payment services, there are no credit checks performed when you sign up for Astropay. Which can be good for some of those gambling fans who don’t have a good credit score. All that you need is an email address, a telephone number, and identification to prove who you are and that you’re over 18 so that you can set up your digital wallet and link it to your online account.

There are plenty of other reasons why Astropay is such an attractive and popular payment platform but specifically for gambling players like myself, these are some of the top reasons why we’ve seen it rise in popularity. The ability to personalise cards if you want a card has also led to it being successful and has also contributed to some of the partnerships the brand has had with some big-name Premier League football teams.