5 Online Slots Based on Awesome Arcade Games

5 Online Slots Based on Awesome Arcade Games

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Arcade games and slots games are like a match made in heaven. Players get that nostalgic gaming hit all the while having a good old time spinning those reels trying to rack up some big wins. If you’re a fan of old school gaming on arcade machines or old NES and SNES games, then you should check out what’s on offer in the slots world.

Getting licensing for a particular name-brand game is hard. If you want to call something Harry Potter or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then you have to go through a lot of discussions and legal paperwork and licensing fees before you’re able to do so. Because the licensing process is so long and tricky and can be expensive, online slots gaming providers often choose to make games that are “inspired by” an original series. The same goes with other products, too. If you see the Wish version of Mario and Princess Peach as “the plumber and the princess”, well, now you know why.

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1. Street Fighter II

Long before Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, players were lining up to get a piece of the PvP action with Street Fighter II. Now, usually, the sequel isn’t as good as the original, but here, the sequel has long outpaced the original both in playability as well as in notoriety. StreetFighter II arcade games are still hot property in arcades and bars worldwide.

That’s why it’s not surprising that NetEnt licensed the Street Fighter name for their Street Fighter II slot. Here, you get to choose your player from eight including Ryu, beat bosses to get free spins, and there is even a mini car smash game to play within the game. Well worth a spin!

2. Pac Man Wild Edition

Pac Man was released way back in the 80s and it still has staying power in the memories of pretty much everyone; even Gen Z. This highly addictive game was pretty simple. Chomp your way through the dots in a maze as Pac Man and avoid the ghosts to win the level. While different versions of the game added different spins on the gameplay, it remained simple at its core. Play it now and you’ll still get a kick, regardless of your age or history with the game itself.

Pac Man Wild Edition is from game makers Ainsworth, one of the medium-sized players in the physical slots industry. They collaborated with video game makers Bandai Namco to release this special edition game. It’s a relatively simple 3×5 slots game with all your favorite game elements making an appearance in game entities like Scatter symbols, Wilds, and free games. The neon trappings give this one a delightfully retro feel.

3. Space Invaders

If we’re talking about THE space arcade game, then we are probably talking about Space Invaders. Space Invaders takes us on a quest to defeat the aliens from invading earth, as they come down and try and… land? Eat the planet? You play as a solo fighter, zooming left and right firing your gun straight up at the enemy. Sure, gameplay has come a long way but it’s still fun to give this one a go.

The game is a 3×5 grid type, with both pixel art enemies falling down onto the reels and your fighters. The UFO and Cannon Reel modifiers step up the action to give you more bang for your buck. While the game is pretty basic there is enough going on to keep players entertained for hours, much like the original.

4. The Legend of Heroes

While the latest version of Zelda on Switch has very little to do with the original titles, this was as massive a hit during arcade times as it is now.

Legend of Heroes is one of those titles that mimics the real Legend of Zelda game without having to pay a license fee. The game plays with 24 paylines, During the game, heroes can randomly jump down and attack monsters on the reels. If they are successful and kill the monsters, these monsters will turn into wild symbols. The battles play out a lot like you’d expect from an RPG, with a health meter and all.

5. Banana Town

Donkey Kong will never go out of fashion, point blank period. Who can argue with a cool monkey who goes around collecting bananas?

Banana Town is Donkey Kong wrapped up in a slots game without the name. It has all your fave monkey characters, bananas as far as the eye can see, and that pixel art we know and love.