5 Features to Check: How to Choose Safe and Enjoyable Online Slots

5 Features to Check: How to Choose Safe and Enjoyable Online Slots

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Pastime activities have become mainstream as technology advances and ways of accessing gambling platforms increases. However, with the increase in popularity come unscrupulous agents who want to steal from you by colluding with game providers to rig the games. Some, out of honest mistakes, provide online slots that are difficult to play due to unfriendly user interfaces or low-quality graphics and boring themes. Here are the features to check when selecting safe and enjoyable online slots.

1. RTP

Return to Player percentage (RTP) is the amount wagered expressed in percentage that an online casino will return to you after certain duration. Most online slot like W88 has 95%-96% RTP. If you play for around $100, you can expect $96 in returns as the house keeps 4% of the total. It’s best to play online slots with this range of RTP because you stand a chance of playing for longer using the returned amount and enjoying or winning real money.

2. Volatility

Also known as variance, volatility refers to the risk level of playing specific online slots. Slot sites offer games with varying volatility to suit players with different goals on the platform. If you are in it for fun, you should choose slots with low volatility. Such online slots payout small amounts but frequently, making them more enjoyable. Others with medium volatility pay moderately but less frequently. It’d be best to avoid high volatility slots if you can’t take the risk, as it will frustrate you.

3. Theme

The slots come with different themes ranging from popular sports to movies. However, you won’t find all of them interesting. Therefore, when choosing casino games, check the ones with relatable themes you will enjoy playing. In addition, you should check the graphics quality and confirm if the online slot has background music if necessary. These features will set the mood when playing, giving you an immersive experience.

4. Bonus Features

You can also check the bonus features to determine an enjoyable online slot. These features are special rounds in the online slots that you can trigger by certain combinations or symbols. Free spins, scatter symbols, wild symbols, bonus rounds, and stacked wilds are some of those symbols. Others include multipliers, expanding wilds, and progressive jackpots. Enabling these bonus features gives you a chance to win a generous bonus, making the games exciting.

5. Reputation

You can check the slot’s game reputation when choosing a safe and enjoyable one. To do so, you will review the game to learn about its developer and their reputation. Most slot online are developed by renowned software providers with a proven track record of making fair games. It’d be best to ensure that you want to play the online slot from such game developers. If the developer’s reputation is uncertain, you can check reviews in gambling forums.


Thanks to technology, you can conveniently partake in pastime activities like W88. However, you must be careful when choosing the games to enjoy. This is because not all game providers and agents are reputable. In addition, the games differ in terms of themes, graphics, volatility, and RTP. Therefore, it’d be best to use the information you have learned here and choose an enjoyable online slot game.