5 Famous Celebrities Who Love Gambling

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Often times, it seems like our global celebrities are very different from normal, everyday people. With their lavish lifestyles, there don’t seem to be many things that connect them to other people. However, there are in fact a lot of activities that these celebrities like to do just as much as you might – and even in the same places as you! We are not talking about seeing a celebrity at a restaurant while you enjoy your food or spotting them somewhere in Times Square. We are talking about activities and hobbies that everyday folk enjoy. One particular activity that a number of celebrities love is gambling at casinos.

A Popular Pastime

Gambling is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to kill time for a large number of people around the globe. The casino industry is always growing, pretty much worldwide. Wherever you go, you can find some form of gambling taking place. One new rising trend in this world is that of online gambling though. Allowing fans of the pastime to play their favorite games online is something that has caused this new industry to grow. To find new gambling opportunities near you, you can simply check CasinoTopPL and find whatever suits you best. There are so many opportunities these days that this pastime has become even more popular than ever before. You don’t have to go out of your home to play your favorite titles. All you need to do is fire up your laptop or mobile phone, open a website, and get started.

Celebrities Who Gamble

With the ease that comes with the popularity of web-based betting platforms, it’s no surprise that this hobby is being adopted more. The growing number of those who like to gamble in their free time has caused the online gambling industry to grow massively in recent years. If you’re someone who enjoys this hobby, it would be interesting for you to know that there are many famous celebrities out there who like to engage in the same pastime as you. When a celebrity partakes in an activity that so many of their fans like to do, it makes them more relatable and often more likable.

However, this shouldn’t really be too surprising when you consider that most famous celebrities are very rich and the act of playing is mainly for fun. When you mix those two together, it becomes easier to imagine your favorite actor playing Vegas slots or trying their hand in a competitive game of poker.
List of 5 Celebrities Who Like To Gamble

1. Brad Pitt

If you love Brad Pitt and poker, then you’ll be happy to know that he is an avid poker player. While it may have seemed that his part in Ocean’s 11 was his first and only foray into the world of professional gambling, that is not so. The actor got into this pastime when he was preparing for the movie and it developed into a hobby for him. He likes playing poker or blackjack most but does indulge in some online slots every now and then as well.

2. Matt Damon

When you talk about some of the biggest movie stars, Matt Damon’s name comes to mind. His passion for gambling developed while he was preparing for the movie Rounders. He started visiting actual casinos to get a feel for different games and got so much into it that he is now considered one of the very top celebrities when it comes to poker. He has even competed in the World Series of Poker tournaments, showing that the gambler within him is not confined only to the big screen.

3. Paris Hilton

As far as Hollywood names go, Paris Hilton’s is up there with the most popular ones. This celebrity is a regular in Las Vegas casinos. Rumor has it that she won a massive $30,000 on one of her trips back in 2012. Not only that but it has also been reported that she often moonlights as an anonymous poker player on various online websites and apps. You might just run into her on one of those web-based games without even realizing it!

4. Charles Barkley

Celebrities aren’t only confined to Hollywood. One of our current basketball legends, Charles Barkley, is also a casino goer who is well-known to have spent a whole lot of money on gambling. His love for this hobby is easily understood when we consider that, as per his own claims, he has spent more than $10 million dollars on bets. He is a legend in basketball and now hosts a weekly show where he references some of his betting habits every now and then. He may not be a professional gambler or have a career in any related game, but he sure has been involved in it more than many others.

5. Ben Affleck

Another movie star who can often be seen in a casino, Affleck has earned quite a lot in poker betting over the last few years. Other than being a big celebrity and a hit in whatever role he takes part in, Ben also knows how to play bets while playing at a casino. It is reported that he has made millions in his real-life role as a gambling enthusiast, which is not a small deed for any player. Ben usually plays poker and it is safe to say that he knows what he’s doing.


If you have ever seen a celebrity and wondered how different their life is compared to yours, then knowing that they are very similar to you in terms of their everyday hobbies is something interesting to consider. A globally popular person going to the same casino as you, competing in the same activities that you love, and taking the same risks that you take makes that person feel a little more relatable. There are many others that are not on this list who spend their free moments in casinos, competing in everything from blackjack to slots, playing not necessarily to win money but mostly for the thrill of it.