5 Best Educational Video Games for Parents to Play with Their Kids

5 Best Educational Video Games for Parents to Play with Their Kids

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Are video games, educational for kids? For a very long time, video game have been tainted as ones that instill behavior of conflict, violence, death, and weapons. With time this has changed and video games have turned out to have real educational value. They are stimulating to the students’ way of learning and the methods of dissertation helps. Parents have been reported to be monitoring their kids video game use, but now they are encouraged to go beyond monitoring and get involved with the kids’ digital play.

Before the digital age parents were always happy to get involved in their kids’ playtime including showing them how to hit a baseball or work on puzzles, but in this age kids spend more than 6 hours in digital media. It is time parents engage in digital media together with the kids so that they are involved in their upbringing. To engage pares need to

  1. Engage in simple video games that are found on mobile devices which will help them know how to handle games. This is also done for little kids.
  2. For older kids use social networks to engage in games that are engaging and entertaining on social media networks.
  3. Since kids spend more time on cell phones, then engage them on cell phones by texting.
  4. Let the kids help you learn how to play one of their favorite games. This will be a great time for you to learn together and they will allow you to engage in educational games.
  5. Sitting right next to your child as they are playing is good and it gives you a chance to connect to the console-based which accounts for spending time together.

5 best educational video games for parents to play with their kids:

  1. Math Ninja – this is a very popular game among kids. The game is popular for multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
  2. Stack the countries – this is a great game that helps kids learn about the major cities. It is engaging and challenging to make designs from the many available in varying shapes.
  3. Hangman – this classic vocabulary game receives a digital makeover. This game helps kids learn new vocabularies which are inspired by headlines making it a fascinating video game for kids.
  4. PBS Kids – this is a set of apps which help kids in a wide range of subjects including math and science among others. These games are fun for elementary and even preschool kids as they study in a wide range of lessons as they enjoy gaming.
  5. Math and letters air control – the great games teach the basics of math such as counting and the alphabet. The game improves the speech, including the imagination of the thoughts and helicopters and planes.

Video games are a great way to build their brains to develop academically. Video games contribute to the development of the brain in creativity and problem-solving skills. Though most of them have not been labeled as educational in some way they help kids learn some decision-making strategies and dealing with the consequences of their decisions. Instead of still living with the old mindset of the vices that video games instill in our children it is time parents take the initiative to learn the video games and participate in them for the sake of their children. In a recent study, it has been discovered that video games are beneficial because they increase one’s capacity to learn. Educational games designed for classwork help students understand their class work and thesis rush better and the level of concentration is heightened.