4 Fun and Educational Games That Teach Life Skills

4 Fun and Educational Games That Teach Life Skills

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When the education curriculum was rigorous, games were often shunned and seen as time-wasting activities. However, nowadays, games are incorporated in a classroom to prevent boarding and enhance understanding. With games, students learn the importance of teamwork, hard work, problem-solving, and understand new concepts faster. Besides, there are different learning styles, and some of the students that can benefit from games include social, auditory, and visual learners. But are all games educational or beneficial to students?

Obviously, some video games aren’t going to teach a kid a lot of useful information. However, depending on the kid’s age, some games and tutorials like Codakid can teach coding for kids, maths, English, science, and other educational concepts and subjects.. Since numerous games are available online, we have created a list of the games that will educate the user and impart life skills to narrow the search.

Duck Duck Goose

This is a game that is both fun and educative. It’s designed for early learning stages, especially toddlers and preschool. It even works to ensure children get some physical activity. The game involves children sitting around in a circle, and one person taps another on the head and yells goose. The one who has been tapped has to chase after that person and tag him or her before running in a circle and sitting on their spot. Some of the life skills that this game teaches include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Balance
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Following instructions
  • Flexibility
  • Spatial awareness

What is great about this educational game is that it can be played anywhere. In a classroom, during P.E, and at home with fellow siblings. It’s also a great alternative for board games, allows the children to bond, practice communication skills, and have fun.

Drift Hunters 2

Child friendly driving games like Drift Hunters 2 help to develop motor skills in Children at a young age. Providing one of the largest selections of upgradeable tuner cars, Drift Hunters 2 brings five incredible tracks to show off your drifting abilities.

Prime Climb

Math can become a complex subject for many students if the concepts or solving techniques are not well understood from the basic levels. A student can better understand how to tackle difficult math assignments is to learn from a pro at RankMyWriter. Apart from having an online tutor, learners can also use exciting math games to improve their skills.

Prime Time is a colorful board game that delivers mathematically learning. It teaches about prime numbers, addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. It creates room to make math fun and instill critical thinking. It’s great for children who are ten years and above, those in school, homeschooling, or those looking for deeper math learning.

Students use the game to learn about math by combining colors when multiplying or by removing colors to divide. The competitive and educative nature of the game also makes it ideal for adults who can use it during game night. Besides, every turn involves choices that help to sharpen a student’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Code Combat

Coding is a social equalizer. If you start to instill the coding technique to your young kids, you impart them with a skill they will need and use for life. This is because technology has become part of our daily lives, and while almost every learner uses it, most don’t know how it works.

Educators have realized the importance of teaching children how to code, and some have even made programming a compulsory school subject. Some schools start to teach coding as early as age five. Besides, the number of computer-related jobs is expected to be high in demand, with the most sought-after being software developers.

Thus games can help educate a student about the fundamental principles of coding. Code Combat is a great game that students can use to learn about computer programming. It teaches several languages, including Python, JavaScript, and C+++ programming. Through the power of play, the game educates and teaches skills applicable in the real world and imparts talents relevant in future job markets. With the game, educators can make students view coding as less intimidating and more fun.

Minecraft: Education Edition

If you realize that your kids love Minecraft video games, then introduce an educative aspect to their hobby by incorporating the education version of the same game. What makes the education edition different from the video game version is that it teaches several skills, including problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

With project-based learning, the game educates on science and math. The classroom, creative and survival mode adds a fun aspect to the game while ensuring it is a useful teaching tool and educational resource. It engages students both individually and as a group and educates students virtually. The resource page is also packed with numerous educative lessons crafted by experienced real-life teachers. The lesson can further be narrowed down per subject or age.