3 free and 1 paid tools to use for quick Instagram promotion

3 free and 1 paid tools to use for quick Instagram promotion

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Today there are many social media platforms that offer possibilities for quick content promotion, organizing sales and ads, but Instagram is definitely winning this contest – it has over 1 billion monthly active users and the number keeps on growing. Whatever you might think of Instagram, people here gain unique opportunities to communicate and interact with their audience in a very special way, using free formats and the net of relationships that was created due to endless cooperation between the bloggers. In this article we will tell how you can join that club and what 3 free and 1 paid (a chance to buy Instagram followers) tools you should use for a quick head start on Insta.

We will start talking about the free methods, as those don’t demand any money and anyone can easily use those from the very beginning.

  • Always use a chance of mutual PR. This option is free and will guarantee you new subs, if you’re working with a blogger from your niche. There are tons of beginner bloggers who are too shy or too busy to contact other beginner bloggers for a mutual PR action. Meanwhile, this can increase your audience x2, and give you a new online bond with a content creator, which you can do several times for collabs and mutual promotion. If both of you have 100 subs each, together you can have up to 200, and so on. Exchanging audiences and experiences is key to growth, so make sure to not lose this opportunity.
  • Plan ahead as much as you can. It applies to content plans, which you should always have in your hands and which you should always be working on. You don’t need a highly detailed plan, basically, what you need is a long list of ideas which you can use whenever you need to post something. You can note them every time you inspire or go through a brainstorm and keep them written down in a notebook or in a certain app on your phone. You can review those from time to time and add something new (or cross something that’s not actual anymore out).
  • Ask people for likes and call them to action. If you’re not doing this, someone else will be doing it and winning, you know? Research shows that people are keen on supporting content creators, if those are open about their goals and needs. So, if you’re putting forward something interesting and helpful and ask people to validate your efforts, they will most likely do it. Thumbs up don’t cost money and make people smile, so why not? Call people to action, if you need more comments, if you need answers in a poll that you have created, or if you need them to buy something that is discounted right now. Once again, your task is to inform them on possibilities, and they can choose if they want to use them or not. Don’t think that you’re going to annoy people – social media is all about repeating stuff and informing people, so you’re going to be doing the right thing for sure.

But if you’re in need of a quicker promotion, you should definitely add a chance to buy real Instagram followers to that list. You see, beginners rarely know how algorithms work and what they should do to gain more subs and more likes. Well, to be fair, this is not that needed at the very start, and this task can be delegated to professional SMM managers who will gladly deliver any needed number of subs to the profile for an adequate price.

You should check whether you’re buying real subs though – if a company delivers genuine readers, it’s going to note it on their website for sure. Bots and fakes are highly unnecessary in this case, as they will show only a negative impact on the statistics of your profile. Real subs will not only increase the number of followers, those will also improve the statistics and make Insta algorithms work in your favor.

Remember one thing – any paid service is only a support to your own efforts put into Instagram promotion of the page. You can purchase as many subs as you want, but if the content is not interesting and doesn’t involve people into your brand’s life (or into your own online life), none of those will work as you want them to. So, stay in touch with your audience, prepare authentic content and (in addition to it) buy followers to close the questions of quick promotion.

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