20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try (Part 2 – Games 11 – 20)

20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try (Part 2 – Games 11 – 20)

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Welcome to the second part of the article 20 Classic Retro Games That You Need To Try. As mentioned on the previous article (Game 1-10), we will exclude highly popular games as, likely, most have tried them. In our list, the games selected are more obscure, which some would call it hidden gems. Let’s continue on with the list:

11. Archon

If you feel that you the traditional chess is too boring and needs some spicing up, Archon would be your game of choice. Like chess, you can play as either the dark or light side. You control 20 units with various battling abilities. In Archon, however, the King is a wizard and he/she is not as useless as a King in the tradtional chess. The wizard can cast spell to give your side the advantage.

Unlike chess, when 2 units meet, a battle will start. The chance of winning depends on the unit’s ability and your combat skill. Our personal favorite would be swift shooters like Unicorn and Basilisks. But, everyone will have their own preference and this is the reason why this game is so appealing as it caters to different play style preference. One of the coolest classic retro games out there.

12. Digger

Dig to collect diamonds and gold underground while avoiding monsters from trying to catch you. In order to defend yourself, you can shoot the monsters or crush them with gold. It has some Pac-man vibe to some extent but different enough to prevent the game from being called a copycat. If you are looking for a quick arcade action to play, consider trying Digger.

13. Master of Orion 2

This game brings the experience of intergalactic battles right on your computer, complete with different alien races to play, diplomacy and technological advancement. We played the game when it first came out and we still do play it now occasionally. There has been no other 4x games with a space theme that has surpassed Master of Orion 2 so far. Until then, this game would still be the king of the hill for its genre and theme.

14. Streets of Rage 3

To be fair, it should be a toss up between Streets of Rage and Final Fight series. Fans of 2D side-scrolling brawler beat-em up games should find both games enjoyable. Nonetheless, some lean towards giving Streets of Rage the upper hand, but, really, if you are just looking for retro brawler games to play, you can go through all of the games in the series and enjoy them all.

15. Defender of the Crown

What makes DotC so entertaining is the fact that it has several mini games you can play.

  • Jousting – you are on a horseback and you try to aim your lance on the opponent’s shield to drop him
  • Night raid – a simple swordplay battle to raid your enemy, and possibly find a princess
  • Army battle – select how you want to attack strategically and watch your soldiers fight
  • Siege – try to destroy the enemy’s castle wall and try to reduce the army within before an army battle.

Don’t forget to request for assistance from your trusted friend, Robin of Sherwood Forest, if you are in a pinch from the Normans. Recommended for those who enjoy casual strategy game especially with medieval theme.

16. M.U.S.H.A

Musha was released on the Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, Sega Genesis was inundated with shooter games during that time and, as a result, Musha was labelled as just another typical shooter game. Nevertheless, the fact is that Musha showcases crisp graphics, compelling soundtrack and anime-like cut scenes. Just take a gander at the following clip and you should appreciate how well-made the game is. Pay close attention to the music. It is not a coincidence that Musha is now one of the most coveted and expensive classic retro games to own.

17. Ogre Battle

Ogre battle is a deep and immersive strategy RPG game with epic storyline. There are multiple endings and secrets within the game that make this game highly replayable. It is surprising that we are yet to have a re-make or re-mastered version of the game released on the present console or mobile market. If there’s a known petition/project to remake this game, please do let us know. It will have our full support.

18. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors is not a bad game. Its popularity was limited due to its theme and horror in the game. But, if you can get past that barrier, you will find this game as an entertaining shooter game where you have to go around the areas to rescue your neighbours from the axe-murderer, zombies and ghouls.

19. Lode Runner

A cool escape game where you have to run, dig, jump and climb to avoid getting caught while collecting all the gold available. Originally, the game has 150 levels with a level editor… that is a lot of content to fit within a single floppy disk. One thing that we still can’t figure it out… why the enemy get stuck in the hole you dig, but the player goes through it? Any idea? Comment below 🙂

You can play Lode Runner online on our site here: https://playplayfun.com/lode-runner-online/

20. Dashin’ Desperadoes

This game is a blast to play against your friends as you try to sabotage each other to gain an edge in the race. What do you get for winning the race, you may ask? Well, of course, a quick smooch on the cheek from girl of your dream (in the game). Seriously though, the game boasts plenty enough stages and variety of obstacles that make the race fresh and entertaining. So, go get your friends/families and play this hidden gem from the 16-bit era.

So, that is it for the 20 Classic Retro Games that you should try in your lifetime. There are more hidden gems out there. If you want to us come up with more list of Classic Retro Games worth playing, please drop a comment below.


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