2 Wheels 4 Life

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Arcade Frenetic Gamez HTML5 Promoted Collection

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2 Wheels 4 Life by FreneticGamez is a motocross game where you must fight hard and really show that you are a skilled driver to handle all the tracks.

Do you feel that you are an xtreme biker? This might be the game for you.

On each level you have the opportunity to get bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal ... take you to the goal to unlock the next track. On some tracks you'll need gold or better for the bike to get upgrade and improve, which is needed if you want to stand a chance to complete all tracks.

Upgrades: Top speed, acceleration, braking and rotation
Controls: gas, brake, bounce (if you get stuck) and tilt (to rotate the bike), if you run without the tilt, use gas and brakes to rotate the bike .

Now 24 courses and 24 platinum medals to earn, more coming soon ...

This game is hard! It took me some getting used to and around 7 tries in order to get past the first level. This is not the kind of motocross game that you can blast through levels by speed. It takes planning, timing and patience to complete the levels... and that applies even for level 1!

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  • Left and Right arrow or A and D button to accelerate and brake as well as rotate forward and back.
  • SpaceBar to jump if you are stuck

Overall, 2 Wheels 4 Life may not be targeted for everyone. Those who are looking for a challenge will be in for a treat. Like the developer mentioned, "... you must hard and really show that you are a skilled driver...". Are you extreme enough to handle the challenge?

2 Wheels 4 Life

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