2 Pixels

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GAME ENGINE: Unity BROWSER: Unity Web Player installed (Firefox is recommended) PROBLEMS? Click here for solutions

2 Pixels by Theorian is a puzzle game with minimalistic graphics and gameplay with tons of character and nostalgia.

Save rows of 4 or MORE pixels from certain clutter. Simply tap, rotate, and drag them into place!

Can you save a row of 10 or more?! Be strong, be vigilant, be a pixel puzzler power ... person! Please, accept the challenge?!

No time limit = UNLIMITED JOY!

If you are familiar with Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or Puyo Puyo, you should be quite familiar with 2 Pixels game mechanic. Adopting a pixel-art graphic, 2 Pixels drops 2 blocks of pixels on the screen and it is up to the players to make a row or column of 4 or more same color blocks to clear it. However, beware, unlike Puyo Puyo and Mean Bean Machine, in 2 Pixels, if you drop 2 blocks onto a single block, the other block that does not have a base WILL NOT auto drop. This clearly alter strategies on how to best arrange the blocks.

The game starts with only 2 colors and continue to add more colors as it goes on (to a maximum of 4 colors from what I have seen).

Overall, with retro pixel-art, surprisingly catchy retro tunes and a free price tag, 2 Pixels should be an easy decision to download. It should entertain retro and puzzler fan alike.

2 Pixels