10 Not-So-Popular Classic Gameboy Games You Need to Play

10 Not-So-Popular Classic Gameboy Games You Need to Play

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Before we go to the list of Gameboy games that you need to play, let’s get to know more about the system itself. Gameboy is a classic gaming system and it is one of the earliest form of mobile gaming. The system does not boast flashy graphics as it only offers dot-matrix monochromatic screen. Most Gameboy games feature simple addictive games that are perfect on the go, which makes long trips that much more bearable.

There are many successful games on the Gameboy system. Super Mario series, Pokemon and Zelda are a few of those games that were huge hits during its time. However, there are other great games that most might have missed in the past. So, on this post, we would like to take our time to list 10 Not-So-Popular Classic Gameboy Games You Need to Play.

1. Burgertime Deluxe

You are Peter Pepper and you are a chef where you have to make giant burgers. But be careful, living ingredients are out there to get you, out of revenge? Walk over the buns and meat patties to drop them to the plates below. If you are cornered, don’t forget to use your weapon (peppers, of course) to stun the enemies.

Cute premise, simple gameplay and charming music, Burgertime Deluxe is one hidden gem that should be un-hidden!

2. Micro Machines

Yet another game that takes place in a giant world. Micro Machines, as the title suggested, puts you in control of tiny machines to race in common household settings. Once you start the race, you will find yourself in the midst of a messy table, soapy kitchen sink and bubbly bath tub.

The race itself, however, can be quite challenging in the beginning. But, once you get used to the control, it becomes a lot more fun as you find yourself able to compete against the other 3 racers. There are many shortcuts on each track that you can take to gain advantage in the race… so staying inside the track is only a formality. Race on!

3. Quarth

Quarth is unique blend of puzzle and shooter genre. You shoot tiny 1×1 block to create perfect rectangles to clear the board. The bigger the rectangle, the more points you score. Such a simple gameplay brings a highly addictive puzzle game.

As you become more comfortable with the game, you tend to try to make bigger and bigger rectangles to pop to score more points. In addition, it is so satisfying to create a big rectangle and pop it. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and try it! 😀

4. Volley Fire

It’s a shooter game where you are in an eternal duel against the enemies. There are boss fights, barriers and power ups in this game that surely will give you some challenges. It is a fun and casual shooter game that you can just get into it right away. If you enjoy the shooter genre, you may want to give this a go.

5. Sword of Hope II

If you are a fan of old school RPG games such as the original The Bard’s Tale from 1985 or Might and Magic I, you will be familiar with the settings and user interface of Sword of Hope II. The game, unfortunately, never took off partly due to poor reviews from major western review magazines stating that it is too slow and time consuming.

However, for those who enjoy the genre, you may ignore the reviews and give this dungeon-crawler RPG game a spin.

6. Daedalian Opus

Based on the Greek character “Daedalus” who created the labyrinth, Daedalian Opus is a wood block puzzle game with Pentaminos. Consisting with only 36 levels, Daedalian Opus may be on the short side, but it does not stop it from being challenging to solve. Other than the puzzle, the music in this game is surprisingly catchy enough that may stick with you for a long time 😀

7. Great Greed

Great Greed is an RPG game that involves plenty of food references from Burger, microwave and calories, you name it. Basically, you are a hero that are called to save the Greene Kingdom from Bio-Haz(ard). Aside from the witty back story, visually, Great Greed reminds you of the Final Fantasy Legend series. However, the battle looks more like Dragon Warrior I & II with a unique twist (you can find out what we mean when you give this game a try).

In the end, Great Greed should not have been overlooked back then. It has plenty of personality, charm and, yes, multiple endings too! Pick it up and give it a try.

8. Pop’n Twinbee

It is a top down vertical shooter that is more for the casual crowd. Visuals are clean and sharp while music and sound effects are catchy and borderline cute. You can shoot the enemy in the sky as well as throw bombs to uncover bonuses and upgrades. You can also shoot the cloud to reveal a bell in which you can collect to add into your points.

Unfortunately, Twinbee was never officially released in North America. It was only released in Japan and Europe. So, finding a copy might be somewhat of a challenge.

9. Penguin Wars

You are one of the animals and you are playing dodgeball-like game. Roll (or throw) all the balls to your opponent’s side and you win the match. In order to do that, hitting your opponent to knock them down becomes very important to win the game. Once hit, your opponent will be out of action for a certain period of time, giving you time to throw the balls to the other side. Keep in mind that each animal has their own weaknesses and strengths. Some can move faster and the other recovers quicker from a knock down. Therefore, each animal may require a different strategy to beat.

Penguin Wars is one of those games that you can get into it very quickly and have fun playing it. We are not sure why this game was largely overlooked back in the days, but we’d say that it deserves some recognition and playing time on your Gameboy.

10. Mr. Do!

You are a clown and you need to dig tunnels to collect cherries while avoid being caught by the creeps. The cherries are distributed in a group of eight and they will make Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do melody as they are collected. The gameplay is largely a reminiscent of the game Digger on PC.

So, if you enjoy Digger, you should also enjoy Mr. Do! as well. However, finding a copy of Mr. Do! for Gameboy might be a challenge as it is categorized as a “very rare” cart to find.

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